Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Who Ya Gonna Call? CAM! He's FIVE || Ghostbuster's 5th Birthday Party

We knew when Cam's birthday rolled around this year, it would be a unique one to celebrate.  For those of you who don't really know us, we have lived & worked in two different places over the past year.  Kind of like a slow transition move.
That's caused us to seem somewhat misplaced over the past year & though Cam attends preschool three days a week & we have been involved in two churches, it just didn't make sense to kill ourselves throwing a big bash at any of the two places.  Cam is easy to reason with & when I pitched the idea of a family sleepover party, he was perfectly happy with that:)
As long as he could still have a "Ghostbusters party."
So a Ghostbusters sleepover party we had!
Friday evening, we had Chicken + Italian Sausage One Pan Baked Ziti (recipe, below) with Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad.  For dessert, we had a popcorn bar for a movie night sat up & you guessed it, Cam chose Ghostbusters.  But who really watches movies at a sleepover anyway? 

Gummy bears, skittles, milk duds, flip pretzels, peanuts,+ m&m's...
Just like the movies!  Except you get to throw it all in your popcorn.

Saturday, we woke up & had a big breakfast, & while we had planned on ordering pizzas to party with the cake, we ended up with enough ziti & salad left over, & that ended up being the lunch of choice.  It was pretty good!  Here is the recipe (& it's super easy & great to feed a hungry crowd!).
My nana has made her yummy punch for the boys since their baby showers & at every birthday party.  For the Ghostbusters theme, she made it with a lime flavor & baked way too many cookies, cakes, & brownies.  But I suppose that's what nana's do.  And then she left them with us, where I had to stick them in the trunk of Cade's car to keep temptation away.  Thanks, Nan.
I think the only purchases we made this year were from the Dollar Tree for papergoods, balloons from Party City, & a cake from A Piece of Cake Bakery.
Everything else... we raided our Halloween totes for!
(Props to Cam for choosing the same theme for Halloween & his Birthday party)
Making this a pretty low key, low budget event & it was so nice + nothing to stress over!

The only thing I think I would change, would be the picture lighting (because most of the party took place in the later hours) & I so wanted a family picture:/  I'm the worst at stuff like that!
I'm thinking this party was pretty impressionable to Con too, because now, all he says is, "You got it for your birthday?" or "Oh, I got dis for my birthday.  It's my birthday."
Cam, you are so easy to celebrate.
I swear, he smiles the whole time & is right in the middle of everyone always having the biggest time.  Every night for the week after his party, that was his "thankful" thing that he wanted to mention at prayer time.  I'll call that success & am so "thankful" he had a great time celebrating turning five.  Now, you better believe he's already planning his sixth astronaut birthday party.
He doesn't know I'm secretly cringing at the thought & over here humming Taylor Swift's, "Don't you Ever Grow Up"...
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