Friday, April 6, 2018

H54F || Spring Break

it's spring brea -a-a-ak over here!
i'm excited & ready to enjoy some distraction free, bird-chirping' weather, (sunshine or rain) & renew my heart + soul so it will be as ready as it can be to wrap up the rest of this school year.  it's all so bittersweet as I love my job & will terribly miss the people i work with, but I'm excited for my family to be t o g e t h e r!
"Don't cry because it's over... smile because it happened."
-Dr. Suess
**thinking a lot about this quote for this time of year...
(leaving a good job + kindergarten registration for my first) 

Here are my Friday favorites of the week...

one. garden prep
I, for one, believe that spring break is the p e r r r f e c t time to prep my raised garden for their may + june planting seasons!  Now, if I can just convince cade of boys are totally onboard since it involves digging in the dirt & finding worms.

naturally the first step, is to go to hobby lobby & window shop little accents that would make it cute, right? 
this is what we did last year:) and this is my new addition plan, shared back a couple of favorite Friday's" ago.
i found these adorable garden signs on etsy from the shop Out Of The Woods TX:
  I just wondered how much the difference in pricing would be if I were to try & make it myself... turns out, MUCH cheaper!  Most of these little wood signs that can be used to mark plants are 2.99 + 30% off!
the bigger signs were also 30% off, & the original prices seemed to range from 11.99-13.99.
not too shabby!
two.  Did I mention boys + dirt?
one of the boy mom grammars I follow, posted a story with her boys playing on the patio in a dirtbox with their motorcycles.  my boys would DIE.  what a great idea!  I think this is also another DIY project to go on our list for summer. 
find this sweet mama on istagram as @ashly_fritch

three.  spring color!
It's finally acceptable to wear pops of fun color:) orange, turquoise, hot pink.  and I wish I could pull off purple.  that is something I can definitely look forward to & enjoy about spring & summer.

four.  patio living
okay, it has been in the 40's recently...but by the end of the week, it will almost be making it's way up to the 80's-southern weather for ya.  therefore, I think we can justify the fact that we have some grill nights planned on the menu +plan to drag out all the patio furniture & summer twinkle lights.  I've gotta hurry before i'm ready for fall again!
five.  staying stylish
i'm slightly obsessed with candace cameron. 
jk.  no, not really-she's my favorite.  but, I really do love her & her books.  if you haven't read this one, it is so good!  such an easy & fun read.  and i'm so excited that her brother, kirk, (also a huge growing pains fan over here) is coming to knoxville in may for his conference, "living room reset!"  we are thinking of making plans to go.  find more info here if you might be interested, too:).
wishing you all a weekend full of sunshine!
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Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Im slightly obsessed with candace cameron too! I love those garden signs!

Cat W said...

I love those garden signs but you're right that's such an easy little DIY. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you girls for visiting! Happy to find your blogs:). Happy Friday

Melissa said...

I love love love Candace Cameron, too! I think she's just fabulous. Also, that dirt box. Oh my goodness, my boys would lose their minds! I need to look into making one of those!

Amanda Bullard said...

I ADORE Cameron-Burre too! She's awesome. Such a great role model too. Congrats on your changes and I hope your weekend is simply amazing. XO

Stephanie said...

It just doesn't get better than a big box of dirt and some kind of vehicles! #fellowboymom