Tuesday, October 4, 2016

oh, hello october

We possibly had the most Octobery October 1st to date this past Saturday.  I mean, except for the weather.  Friday evening was fa-reezing for us here in the South.  Enough to con this crazy gal into wearing UGG's & slapping them on Conley as well for the pumpkin patch.  Well, of course, it would be about 80+ degrees the entire day.  Ah.  You win some, you lose some.  At least it feels more like fall when you look at our pictures? ;)

The girls of the family & of course, my two amigos, had a fun day planned for the first day of October.  We ended up eating lunch at a cute little restaurant decked out in Halloween decor, grabbed some chocolate from the candy shop, & then trucked ourselves on over to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was there that we took our second hay ride of the season through the dust (it hasn't rained in f o r e v e r), got sprayed by the strawberry sprinklers in our...ahem UGG boots, & lusted after a bouquet of sunflowers.  We picked our second & third (that's right, peeps) pumpkin of the season.  To make them last, we decided to paint instead of carve.  I give up trying the Pinterest methods to make the carved ones last!  They lie.  
We grabbed some farm fresh apple cider, about 46 boxes of pizza (or so it seemed), & paint + left over Bible school supplies & had ourselves a little Pumpkin Painting Party.  We played Halloween music, sipped cider, & laughed about how ugly my sister's (the graphic designer) pumpkin looked.  It was a great time.
And Sunday?  Again with the birthday parties.  It looks like October will be full of them as well...but it will be hard to compete with September.  And we had our church homecoming day which we like to refer to as "Old Timers Day."  Everyone , well some, dress in overalls, bonnets, & aprons, while most just look forward to stuffing face with potluck dinner food after a service full of good gospel singing & worship service.  
How much fall-ier can it get you guys? :)  How was your first dose of October?

Clancy Phillips said...

Hey, I redeemed myself with my pumpkin! It was turned into a pumpkin masterpiece, thank you very much!

Cassidy Adams said...