Friday, September 30, 2016

friday favorites || happy fall, y'all!

The beginning of the season I love is really here!  And what's better?  It's actually started f e e l i n g  a little like my favorite season.  Our weather man says we won't be seeing any more 80 degree temps, but I'm not totally convinced.  Despite the fact, I have deserted my summer pieces in favor of sweat inducing booties, tunics, & leggings.  I'm that girl.
Some weeks just aren't going to be what we would like for them to be.  Prime example?  This one. 
Yes, even if it is fall!
 Conley has not slept a wink.  I think it's because of his teething stage.  He's cutting his top two as hard as he can!  Cam is at the stage where he says "mom" 435 billion times a second, even a f t e r I reply with "what?  yes son?"...he decides he has to poop for 35 minutes the second it's time to walk out the door.  He also does an aerobics routine every time I try to dress him or put his shoes on.  Try that for an early morning!  
NOW I know why I drink so much coffee.

The harder I try to clean my mom's house or our car, the more it snows a blizzard of toys & other random items or um, dirt.  It seems as though some weeks it all comes down on you & it's like wading through quicksand to make it to Friday.
I don't like to complain or vent, I'm just trying to be "real."   As much as I adore everything about my life with my babies, it's hard sometimes!  I know there are tons of other people in the world going through so much worse & his grace is sufficient for us all no matter what happens.  At the end of the day, it is well with my soul & I have a healthy precious family so I am the most blessed girl that could be. 

I think I'm in need of some light-hearted friday favorites!

one. footed jams & snuggle weather
I'm just going to leave this picture right here.  There is nothing better in this world than snuggling a baby in footy jammies  ;)  Moments straight from Jesus, y'all!

two.  october countdown
Prepping for a post on our bucket list for October!  I really want to make this such a fun month for the boys.  Well, technically Cam because all Conley cares about is what's to eat or drink:)

three.  what's in Cam's backpack
Cam going to preschool at age three came close to ripping my heart out.  What am I going to do when he starts kindergarten??  Let me just say, one of the highlights of my day is looking in his little backpack.  I love finding things he did at school & any little notes from his teachers about the upcoming fun things they are doing so I can get him pumped up for it:)  L i k e the Halloween party...;)  Can I come?  So. precious.

four.  birthday party prep
You guys, I really lucked up in having a baby on October 25th.  I m e a n, we can have a Halloween party/birthday party e v e r y year!  That makes my little festive heart sing.  I can use his party decorations annually allllll during the month of October & for his party.  Poor thing may never have a party of choice-until he's a threenager that is!  
Mr. Cam has decided he wants a football party this year.  
1.  His birthday is in March
2.  He doesn't even watch football
3.  This will be the theme for the rest of his life...b o r i n g
4.  How old is he again??
I thought I'd be able to "encourage" his theme selection til' he turned at least 15!
Getting off the soapbox.  Hehe.    

five. fall is in the stores! (& Christmas)
I (along with every one else in the world) love the Target dollar bins.  They had all three seasons stocked full the last time I went---halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas + of course Cam found something, too;P  We attempted to embarrass Daddy & Conley in all of our excitement.  I guess we were itching to buy everything we seen, but instead we just wore a toboggan & storm trooper mask around the store while we took everything in & avoided buying anything.  How's that for budget savvy?:)  
The look on Conley's face says it all.  Good thing we didn't know anybody...
People can have more fun than anybody;)

Til' October! :)