Friday, October 7, 2016

friday favorites || sleep regression edition

Y'all.  I'm really tired & dragging on this Friday night.  I guess I'm suffering from what I'd call eleven month old sleep regression episodes.  I just crawled out of bed because I've g o t to quit letting myself be a slug & never blog anymore.  I'll regret it one day!

Mamas just aint got no time for sleep.

I have few things to say besides sharing a few special pictures from our week.  Hope you guys have had a beautiful week!

Bad hair days.  Conley's cheeks for breakfast, lunch, & dinner (come could eat those things up!).  Halloween-y shirts everyday, pretty fall scenery, & homecoming festivities with a side of Buzz Lightyear for dessert.  Fighting an eleven month old for your hard earned-weeeelllll deserved a.m. coffee;)  Oh, & (almost) One Year old pictures with a little stinker that just became a pro at walking.  Yes.  I can't. believe. it.
Yup.  Inherited Mama's hair probs.
Trying to put mommy's pants on my head after I just threw all her folded laundry in the floor.  It's a good thing I'm cute.
Hmmmm.  Which cupcake for my cake smash???
Cupcake?  Nah, I'll just take mom's coffee.
What?  That picture below didn't happen last night, y'all.  Swear.

Imagine what our bathroom break looked like from the looks of that costume...

And to end it. Big brother would never use a training potty as a toddler.
But buddy NOW.  NOW he uses it.................everytime.