Friday, October 21, 2016

Conley Scout || 11 Months

My little blondie brother.  Full of spunk & curiosity.  He never tires of exploring the world around him, one pump knot at a time.  And I thought Cam was my hot dog show out child.  Nope.  
I'm afraid big bubba ain't got nothing on this little spunky peanut.  

Keep in mind...I'm behind-he turns 12 months old AKA ONE YEAR on the 25th!
Weight: 25 lbs 5 oz. lbs
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
Height: 29.5 inches

whats new...

he's mr. run around, getting into everything, loves steering wheels, putting everything in his mouth, toilets (eeeewww), doing things he's told not to, eating, macaroni, BALLS, baths & splashing, making a dash for a near target while attempting a long walk, opening and closing slamming cabinet doors

  busting his head (maybe that's a love-hate), when Cam rough houses, laying still for a diaper change, not being upside down or free to wiggle in the floor,  baths when it involves head washing, when the person feeding him takes too long, being in the car seat all day, getting his face wiped

play & cognitive development
Taking two to three steps, moves from object to object, speed crawls like nobody's business.  Still a hard knock life for this little fellow as he is hitting his head on everything veeeerrryyyy often.
We are getting close to two top teeth!  A lot different from bubba, as he didn't get ANY teeth til after he turned one!

We are about 75% table foods and the other percent baby/puree foods.  He loves macaroni & any kind of bread.  He wants to hold everything he eats-despises when people try to feed him.  He nurses every night & when I get home from work...slowly weaning himself, just as Cam did...but the night time business may be a problem with this little stinker!

We are on to something I think.  I began a schedule of putting him to bed at 8:30 & though I have to fight for it some evenings-he is starting to give in & get on a schedule!  Boy, does that make life easier for the both of us:)

eleven month photo dump
this was us actually home dreaming...i take notes ;)
this smile, though! alllll the heart eyes:)

Let the countdown to 1 whole year with this little peanut continue!
Love my baby boys:)

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