Friday, October 21, 2016

H54F || High SIX for Friday...

First of all, I want to thank everyone for reaching out to me after sharing my testimony earlier this week.  Let me just tell you, the day after I shared it-Satan gave this girl a FIT.  I was worried sick that I would lead someone astray or had said all the wrong things.  But guys, I shared my heart with you & was honest.  I shared it with a youth group two years ago & never could shake the feeling that the Lord wanted me to share it here as well.
GO FIGURE.  Here Satan came again at me with WORRY.  That mean old thing.
  All I can do & in all I ever do- I pray I "wear Jesus well" throughout my life.  If I do nothing else in this world, I pray that I can lead someone to Him, even if I worry every day about e v e r y t h i n g until I set foot in heaven.  This daughter to the true & living King is fighting back-tooth & nail!  He is beyond worthy.  Again, thank you for all the kind words & love you showered me with.  You were a blessing to me in the midst of a time of major discouragement.
Now:)  God has blessed us with another beautiful week of Fall & RAIN!  I don't know about you, but here in Western NC we have been in desperate need of rain.  And He sent it today!  Not only rain, but FALL TEMPS.  All the praise hands, right?  Okay, maybe that's just me praising God for the fall temps;)  Don't mind if I DO wear my sweater, uggs, & leggings without breaking a sweat!

My favorites this week...
one.  mom, can we go outside?
Yes.  Yes.  And YES.  I always dreaded these words this summer, but October is the perfect outdoor play weather & we have been living outside lately.  I can't get enough of the crisp air & beautiful scenery.

two.  this week's Camism
If I could write a book with all the things he says. 
Riding down the road... 
"aw, that's sad."  
What bud?
"the leaves are falling & there's no one there to catch them..."
Can we just say #proudmommoment
three.  halloween donuts+am date at the park
overdue on the park.  never due on the donuts.
Remind me to never buy a dozen donuts again!  
They are adorable, but too tempting for my sweet tooth-especially the chocolate ones.
Also.  The other mom at the park brought her kids apples...
Oh, well.
In the words of Cam's most favorite word... AWKWARD.
If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen my comment about how we were frequenting this park every day until Conley was born.  It's our favorite.  It was so sweet & one of those circle of life moments to see them playing there together.  I told Cam he would have the best buddy for the park & that day just proved it!
four. our tivo list
99.9% of the time, you will NOT find me in front of the t.v.  But we have the most amazing tivo "to watch" list right now.  Anybody else love The 19 Days of Halloween?  
It's the Great Pumpkin...Hocus Pocus...The Nightmare Before Christmas
All the silly little movies I watched growing up during this time of year-it just takes me back!  The boys fell asleep tonight watching this list:)
five.  freshly done hair+fall lip color
Loving Vanessa by Buxom!  When I refuse to change my hair-I can change the lip color, right?:)  The perfect berry color for the holiday days ahead...
After learning my stinkers were ASLEEP!  Timed it p e r f e c t...

six.  bible study thoughts
I'm reading in Exodus right now about Moses & his quest to send the people of Israel out of Egypt.  Have you ever noticed how Moses continually told God he wasn't able to because of "his speech?"  Being a speech therapist, even in school, we studied Moses in the Bible as one of the first records of stuttering-but to me-stuttering or not-it had something to do with talking it seems.  W h a t e v e r the reason-God helped him through his insecurity for His greater purpose.  Now I don't know what your insecurity may be as a Christian, but God made a way for Moses...Aaron.  He sent Aaron to help deliver the message to Pharaoh.  He can make a way for us in whatever way we are insecure of obeying his plan for our lives.  Ironic that I read that this week I think:)
That's a wrap!  I just couldn't narrow it down to 5 this week...
It's four days until we pick the Mr. up at the airport & we are SO excited.
I'm also excited (making myself say that because a year of life is a major blessing-no time to be sad) about celebrating our one year old peanut & go trick or treating!  

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