Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Octobers Past

Here lately, all I can do is think about how quickly my babies are growing.  Everyday it seems I blink & they grow a foot taller, a pound heavier, & a word smarter!  All that thinking has got me feeling nostalgic & thinking of Octobers I figured we'd just take a day to take a stroll down memory lane.
My blog actually began on October 8th...2016 is my 4th anniversary blogging:)
This October was full of blurry pictures, grad school work, Penny dog, & the excitement but uncertainty of the first pregnancy...

This October was full of Cam.  Period.  I was, & still am, in love & obsessed.
I was working at my first job as an SLP in the nursing home.  It was a stressful job, but this baby made it all better.  We had a Michael & Kelly Halloween viewing breakfast party.
Why don't we do that anymore, again??

My how a year changes your baby!  Cam was all walking around & talking like a big kid, I was working at my job in the school system & daddy had just started working off again as of the summer.  We spent our Halloween in Flordia after getting Cam an early Christmas present...better known these days as "Ony."  Things got "a little wild" around Halloween time:)  And these are my favorite family costumes to date!

And then the October of Conley Scout happened & everything changed again!  I would say this year in general was the craziest year of my life?  It was definitely the year of the unexpected.  Aside from all that, I stayed in Knoxville for practically the entire month before I became an official mom of boy(s).

And because this little girl you the girl living inside of me.
She will forever come out in me the brightest during the holidays.  
Okay, now I don't know whether to go & squall or carve a new jack-o-lantern...
  A mixture of emotions!  Happy Humpday, you guys! :)
Long live the happy days of October<3