Saturday, October 15, 2016

H54F || Week of the Full Moon

Here I am again with High Five for Friday post on this beautiful fall Saturday:)  Oops.  My boys are full throttle right now from day to dark.  I honestly really can't find the time for anything right now.  When I do blog, it is generally late at night when they go to sleep but there has been ONE little problem this week-the full moon!  Currently, Cam's at a birthday party & Conley is...shhhhhh...sleeping!  My little teether is sleeping peacefully!  Ahhhhh, take that full moon!   And this mama is getting to remember our sweet week<3

1.  Liquid Apple Pie.  It's a local thing.  Basically apple cider with a mix of caramel & whip cream-but it is out. of. this. world amazing!  Starbucks does a similar Caramel Apple Cider.  Either way- we totally need to investigate a recipe for this liquid hug to the soul to enjoy from the comforts of home;)

2.  The leaves are in their prime for raking & jumping!   We took a day this week to save some up in pumpkin bags for Conley's party so we will for sure have some for kids to play in.  I ended up letting Cam bury me in leaves this week & then.  He jumped on top of me.  All 55 lbs of his three & a half year old body. 
3.  Got all of Conley's 1st birthday party goods ordered except for the food & his presents from us!  The food is always the struggle for me.  But I'm gonna get it right this time:)  I also must make mention that I am a terrible buyer of gifts.  Do I get something cool or something they need?  Totally talked myself into the needs department this year.  The something cool is his party...the gifts are most definitely going to be a roomier carseat & highchair.      

4.  Christmas card pictures are scheduled!  Can I get a hand raise for who is excited about those Christmas cards coming in the mail soon?  Eeeeep!  I LOVE it!;)

5.  Cam's Pumpkin Art & Our Pumpkin Countdown Fun

Cam has been busy making pumpkin art at school & oh how I wish I had a place to showcase it!  It brightens my day when he brings something home made especially for us!  And the countdown.  We are working our tails off to do something fally & fun every day.  Some days we fail miserably at our todo list, but we just stock pile them for less busy days & tackle them as we can.  
BONUS: Productive week at work!  May have broken ground with a communication need for one of my kiddos & we are hearing t o n s of new sounds from others this week!  Is it the full moon?  Totally rewarding to be a speech therapist this week:)
I live in my car when I work...that would be the PLS-5 in the background.  
Oh, & I should also make mention we officially have all of our Halloween costumes purchased.  Cam made us all try them on & he is crazy excited:)  Okay, okay- as is Mom.  Let me just share, you cannot NOT cry laugh when Cam puts on his Shaggy wig.
What have you guys been up to this week?

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