Friday, September 22, 2017

We πŸ’™ Freshly Picked Moccasins || Review + Giveaway

Happy First Day of FALL! 
You guys.
You don't understand how e x c I t e d I am to finally begin this fall giveaway series!  
I love small businesses & the uniqueness they bring to our homes & style.  Especially baby style.  I have partnered with several brands this fall to share them with you!  

First company up... Freshly Picked.  We have loved this brand from day one.  It's been almost five years since we hopped on board the mocc train & to this day, our love for them grows.  They have only gotten better with time (if you haven't looked in a while, just go drool over their patterns...😍). 
I MEAN-they have JACK - O - LANTERNS & CANDY CORN right now...
And now they offer so many other cool products besides just moccasins. 
It's definitely worth your time to stroll on over to their website & check them out. 

 The only thing I'd change about them is wishing they had more sizes to fit my BIG FOOT four year old who wears a SIZE ONE/TWO right now.  

Why do we love them you may ask?  Well, I'll just tell you!  Easy to put on, comfortable like butter, unique, & they capture your babies foot print right on the sole of the shoe with time.  They are also very size friendly & help you get your bang for your buck!  It has always taken us a while to outgrow them with their elasticity.  
Simple & straightforward.

These were the shoes Conley wore home from the hospital & once he was out of the new born phase, we have only had one pair that he STILL fits in & he will be turning two.  I love that they don't fall off (make sure you get the right fit) of newborns (I always had that problem with Cam) as they are snug enough to stay put (all the praise hands, right?πŸ™ŒπŸΌ) 

 And they can keep up with a toddler on any playground.  Conley loves them just as Cam did.  Cam wore his up until he sized out of their hard sole shoes.  Which we loved as well...

For fall, we ended up choosing the camo print! 
 I've always wanted this pattern for my boys, but always end up going with a neutral color instead.
  I was spontaneous (a quality I'm finding myself sporting lately...πŸ˜‚) & went with the camo & let me just say, I'm not disappointed!  They go with all the fall things & I'm sure we will be able to pair them with his winter things as well. 
Thank you Freshly Picked, for such a fun, quality product that my boys love.

All you have to do is make sure you follow Peaches and Pearls here on blogger, and Freshly Picked on Facebook.  If you've already done that, comment below what you love most about fall.  We will be checking to make sure the person who wins has followed through with the requirements.

This Rafflecopter link will randomly select a winner next Friday, September 29th, 2017 & I will post it stay tuned!a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Always let me know if you are having trouble
Good luck, sweet friends!  And Happy FridayπŸŽƒ

Ashley Renee said...

My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather and going to the pumpkin patch with my kids.

Amanda Fradono said...

My favorite thing about fall is hoodies!!! And boots...and sweaters...and cider....and pumpkin everything...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Fall is my favorite season y'all!!!

Claire Olson said...

My favorite thing about fall is the changing seasons and cooler weather :) but this year I’m especially excited to take my baby girl to the pumpkin patch for the first time! �� ��

Cassidy Adams said...

Love all of these <3

Craig Brennan said...

I really like going on walks through the park with my family!

Lacey Andrews said...

I love that time seems to slow down just a little during fall! And of course we love going to the pumpkin patch.

Courtney Matthews said...

I love jean weather. My parents have tons of trees and rake them into a huge pile for my kids to jump in. They have so much fun and I love seeing them smile. My kids also love trick or treating and I have to admit I don't mind eating some (ok a lot) of their candy!!!

Not sure if it was just me or if it's supposed to be like that but I can't click on the rafflecopter (not sure if we are supposed to or not)

Cassidy Adams said...

If someone comments that cannot enter the rafflecopter...I will make sure there name is entered:) Loving these thoughts:)

Tanille said...

Fall is my FAVORITE. I love the cooler weather, decorating, pumpkin everything, and sweaters + boots!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Claire Olson said...

I forgot one of my other most favorite things about fall is...FOOTBALL! :)

Photomakinmomma83 said...

What I love about Fall? EVERYTHING!!! The smell, colors, events, weather, decorations, and the list goes on!! 😍 I was born in The month of September so I guess that is why I love Fall so much 😊

Sarah Hayes said...

I love going to fun festivals in the fall! we always have so much fun. These moccasins would be the perfect addition to family photos next month :)

Im following you by email, is that ok for the entry? I cant find where to follow the blog in any other way. Thank you for the chance to win!

Cassidy Adams said...

Hey Sarah!
If any of you have a question about the follow link its in the upper right hand corner. I'm excited for everyone! Good luck tomorrow!

Krossin sylvie said...

thank you for this article and his good advice