Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like...September

It's no secret that I love Christmas around here. And fall. And Halloween. And Thanksgiving. 🎅🏻

So as you can imagine, I am annoyingly giddy this time a year.

And so are my children. I joke all the time about how I am raising mini Clarks, but I'm pretty sure that's a fact. We've had Christmas lights strung to our bed at my moms house (we are there 3 nights a week for my job right now) for a month now as a night light. 
To top that... last night, Cam ask if we could put up a Christmas tree....

 "Not yet," I said, & yes...I was subconsciously thinking-W H O are you??  
That is until inspiration struck the next morning as I had to make a quick trip to the Dollar Store before work. 

You know I had to stop by the holiday section.🤓

🚦Orange lights. Leaves. Scare crows.

We'll make a fall tree! (And a Halloween tree for October...but that's besides the point)...☝🏻
My mom gave us her black tree she bought back about three years ago-if you don't have a gracious giver with an extra tree, I'd try looking at a thrift store!  Or-you know what I'm going to say...the dollar store😉.  I hear they are stocking Christmas this time of year, anyway!  Back to the fall things...I bought all of this for about 15.00 ( actually, a little less!). 
 Yes, it's a very simple concept and a very simple tree.  If I would have wanted to spend a fortune it could have been a gorgeous & elaborate tree. But that's not what I was after. I was after simple, basic, and fun.  Because in all honesty---this is a glorified night light😂

And just like that, we put our fall playlist on & started stringing our $6.00 lights!

  I cut up the $3.00 garland into small sections to make the most of it & then we topped it with our sweet $5.00 scarecrow💛.  
It made for a fun evening & a festive "night light" that will last until we're ready to transform it into a Halloween tree👻.  Not to mention, this will just be another fun tradition we can keep from year to year (while putting off our itch to decorate a Christmas tree a little longer).  

*I hope my Mr. isn't reading this...if so, all of this was a great investment to this weeks budget😁
Happy decorating, friends!