Monday, September 25, 2017

15 Things to Consider When Decorating for Fall🍂

Do you ever find yourself in a decorating rut?  Especially when the stores start sharing all their new holiday items & you feel like you need everything!  All the things!!? 

 Well, I'm no expert, but I am a normal person, (*unless you want to add scatter brained run dry mommy) with a normal home that isn't picture perfect all the time.  If you're looking for a home that is, you've come to the wrong place.  Our sweet space is kid-friendly (except for the felt letterboard...they mess it up everyday) & very lived in!  One of my favorite things is playing around with our house, e s p e c I a l l y around the holidays🎃🍁🦃🎄

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes, I find the things I like clashing & being ALL over the place.  I love industrial, farm house, boho, transitional...the list could go on all day.  Things like this can drive a girl crazy.  And then throw in holiday decorations?  
Forget it.
Though, that's right up my alley & I'm always up for the challenge.
However, not all people are & if all else fails, & you need some help, check out   You can even take a quiz & find a designer to match your personal style for a little extra help!  Whether it be for a holiday project or the design of the entire room-you can get style advice, product recommendations, or the full out design WORKS...they've got ya covered. 

Here are a few things I've learned or loved over the years:

1. Find a style & stick to it! I make this mistake so many times. I love so many interior styles, that I often have a weird mixture of things that do not complement one another as they should. When I reel myself in & focus, that's when I see magic happen.  But most of all, I seem to find the biggest statements are in simplicity & balance.

2. Halloween or fall? Personally, I love both. So much so, that I decided to separate the two this year! I always do both together...but I always find that I feel like everything is clashing.  So this year...I'm trying "Fall-y things" for September & the beginning of November & Halloween in October. That way I'm constantly changing things up & nothing gets boring- & there isn't one holiday that gets "more love" than the other.

3. Establish a color scheme. Colors are also strategic in design. I love neutral walls as they compliment any color palette I dream up. For fall, I am personally sticking to bright pumpkin orange, olive green, shade of teal, & bronzy golds.  Right now, my inspiration comes from my front porch wreath.

4. Add personal touches & memories to evoke nostalgia. I cover my home in seasonal pictures to take me back to those sweet times that make this time of year so special to me.  I challenge myself to add to those memories with the current memories we are making.  Pictures, though my home is still in the beginning stages of decorating, (all in time is a hard concept🙈) are one of my favorite ways to decorate as it makes it that much more personable.  

5.  Let your kids add a little something special to their room or corner.  I always joke & say I'm raising mini Clarks (for those who aren't Christmas Vacation fans...I'm referring to Clark Griswold), but it really adds to their excitement & let's them feel a part of the fun.  And just for the doesn't have to be much.  The Target dollar bins are gold...these little garlands were $3.
Cam's Spider Shelf

And Cam's "Pider" lights on his tee pee.

6.  Fall scents & pumpkin everything.  This is a given.  Cinnamon.  Nutmeg.  Cloves.  Cardamom.  Pumpkin.  Candles, air fresheners, or oils...what ever your preference. It just sets the mood!
7.  Mix textures.  I love smooth, rough, shiny, dull, bumpy.  You name it & it makes the space pop!
8.  Words.  I love any opportunity to add a quote or a few words that inspire during a particular time of year.  Whether it be chalk board, magnets, or letter boards.  If you get bored with it, you can switch it up in no time.

9. Have I mentioned garlands yet?  I have a problem.
10. Use your kids art work!  Let them know you are proud of their hard work.  I have a little magnet board in our "mud room" that we switch up just about every week;)
11.  Integrate recipes & seasonal foods or drinks.  I love the thought of displaying fall/Halloween cookbooks in the kitchen & I try to add an easy seasonal favorite drink close by.  For winter-hot chocolate, summer-lemonade, & now, for fall-Russian tea! 

12.  Coffee bar.  Because, coffee is such a seasonal thing- you really have no excuse but to make it a festive little area.  Again, I reference the Target dollar bin.  But they always have such fun things for a coffee bar.  The dollar store is great here, too!
13. Fresh Flowers of the season.  If you know me, you know I love a fresh vase of flowers.  These bring in those jewel tones of fall from my wreath!
14.  Fall playlist, AC up (if you live in the South), fire ablaze.  Perfect fall day ;). Even if it is in the 80's!😝
15. Treasure those old pieces. I've been on a purge in my closet lately, but I can't do that with my holiday things. You may get bored with some things-but remember how many years you have been through with that piece! That will mean something one day:). I know it takes me back when I see a piece from my childhood still used to decorate to this day at my moms or nanas. Ahhhhh, sweet memories are everything!💕
How's that for a Monday post?

Have a wonderful week, sweet friends!