Thursday, September 14, 2017

Friday Favorites || 9.15.17

I wish I could sit here & tell you how every night when I tuck the boys in bed, our routine flows beautifully & it's all puppies & sunshine with a side of bible story & prayers...but, it's not.  

Every night this week, it's been farts. Sorry for those of you who may hate this word, but sometimes that's just all you can call it. Yes we do read our bible story and pray. We hug & kiss good night. We even read their current favorite, hello, ninja...but we...,I mean they-
they fart, too. 
And it gets loud.
And stinky.
Then they absolutely lose their minds laughing. Conley loves it so much that he even learned to make the sound with his mouth & shouted, "I foo-ted(pooted)!" on a night when I thought they'd both already gone to sleep. Uncontrollable laughter. And even though I was can you not join in at that???
Ahhhh. Life as a boy mom.
I take it back. I wouldn't trade it for anything...farts and all.
But when they're doing that & they're 13. Daddy can have all that...πŸ˜‚
On to Friday Favorites!

one. Footy pajamas
My sister gave me these to throw on one chilly evening this week, and y'all...I'm in love.  Now I have to find myself some!  They even saved me some skin when I tripped outside when I made an impromptu trip to the car before bed & I thought I seen a rat or some animal type shadow running across the sidewalk in front of me😩. Concrete diveπŸ™‹πŸ». If I hadn't been covered from head to toe it'd have been a much nastier fall! 
look at that dirt all down my leg...Sorry, sis!  πŸ˜¬
two.  liquid apple pie
They are back!  First one of the season & now I k n o w it's fall:)
three.  monogrammed football shirts + janes halloween loot
I'm very picky about my family's holiday attireπŸ˜‚. And my favorite is hands down found at Jane and Etsy.  They get me.  And can we just drool over how sweet these little monogram football shirts are from Weiss Baby?😍
four.  these looks at work
Because it's then, when you feel most cross eyed, that you've done your job.πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
five.  grocery pick up
Why did I delay this for basically a whole year??
On to tackle essential Oil classes & the 598 birthday parties September brings every year...
Happy weekending, friends!