Monday, September 4, 2017

The Present, Pictures, & Remembering

Recently, at our neighborhood bible study, the question was posed by a "mom friend," as to whether anybody else had trouble putting their phone down.  Do you guys scroll through social media mindlessly?  Do you use your phone for practically everything?  Does it get in the way of our parenting and general connection with our children?

Of course, everyone there said yes.
The most powerful moment of the night was when one friend shared how her husband's friend, a single father, had come to visit their home with his kids.  At one moment, all of their kids were sitting on the couch, and mom said she jumped up & said, "Oh my gosh, I have to get a picture of this!"  The single dad, stared at the couch full of kids & said, "nah, I think I just want to remember this moment."

Talk. about. feeling. an inch tall.  My friend.  And the rest of us sitting there listening to the story.

Oh what a beautiful lesson we can learn from this wise single father.

Before we left that night, we each pledged to make a point to do better throughout the week.  We even created a text group (haha-still connected to the phone, right?) to hold each other accountable).  Baby steps. 

Our society is so dependent on technology and our phones that we use them for everything!  Pictures, videos, personal connection (phone calls, texts, emails) coupons, grocery shopping, music, alarms, tv, shopping.  Can you add any to the list?

As convenient as they are, I almost feel as though they could be a downfall.  A curse.
How do we use them responsibly?  How do we prevent them from sneaking in and take over our lives?  How important is it for us to remember and truly experience a moment vs. have it in a photograph or video?

I love taking pictures and videos of the boys throughout the day.  I don't know that I will ever stop doing that because I fear I will regret not having a visual to attach to my memories. 

However, I do not want to find myself trying to capture their every move, because in doing so...that's where we miss out.  Take a couple pictures a day.  And be present during the rest.

My personal goal?  Not to scroll through social media until after the boys are asleep at night.  Then in the morning, only after my bible devotions (and any other thing of importance) have been complete.  And only to check important things like messages, emails.  Not scrolling through social media.  It sucks me in, yall!  You wouldn't believe how much better I feel to implement this practice into my life. 

Am I perfect at doing this everyday?  A b s o l u t e l y NOT.  I struggle.  Especially days when I find myself talking more pictures or in situations where I have to wait (dr. office, in the car as a passenger, in lines at movies/amusement parks).  As a group we have struggled, but we have talked about the struggle and try to do better the next day.  It's all about holding ourselves accountable & realizing how easily it can become a problem...right? 

In a world where you see everyone's nose stuck in a phone, what if we took a second to put the phone down-and be in the moment, just like our single dad?  Truly experiencing and feeling the moment that God so sweetly allowed to place in our lives.