Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July Happenings

It was nap time.  
*A cuss word in the Adams abode.
The Mr was pacing as though his patience was wearing thin, telling the boys it was time to lay down & rest for a while.
So naturally, this prompted an argument between daddy & Cam.  
Sometimes, I think they act more like brothers than father or son.  🙈 
As usual, Cam's frustration got the most of him which resulted in tears pooling up in each eye.  He tunneled his way under the covers until Cade exited the room.  
When all was clear, he slung his cover to the side, looked at me, & said through his clenched teeth:

"One day, he's going to get a SPANKING for being mean to his children!"

Then he vindictively & violently slunk his way down below the bedding.
That is until he heard me giggling...
Way to go mom.  
He proudly resurfaced & seen he had a stage (just like his daddy tends to do) & bust out in laughter himself.
Naptime was over.


Much like that, the first of July has been full of sweet snapshots capturing the ages that our boys are right now (I know what your thinking...that story was sweet???).  
The days are long but the years short as the old saying goes.  
I think of those words often.  
There are lots of screaming fits, sticky messes, & poop catastrophes.  To balance it all out, we get lots of kisses, cuddles, & i love you's (Conley's even saying it now! 😍) each & every day that make anything the day could throw at us worth it all.  

I think the hardest thing about holidays when you have babies, is knowing these special times we always find ourselves looking forward to celebrating each year, result in our babies sneakily morphing into different creatures.  Y'all, do they not double is size??  
Vocabulary & smarty pants-ness?🙈

You find yourself with a new kind of life, each holiday, as they grow & grow.
  Though we (some of us) might find ourselves missing those tiny newborns, we immerse ourselves in the excitement of seeing the new things they are able to do while finding new & exciting ways to enjoy those sweet times together.  
Each year is so different with every age.
That's also half the fun...right?  

T H E  F O U R T H  
2 0 1 7
This year, Cam was afraid to swim in the water.  Whether thats because he & his daddy watched The Shallows 78,343 times last week, or the fact that he is just going through a scaredy cat phase...last year he was a fearless three year old jumping in, even if the water was 23 degrees.  

Conley had a love hate relationship with fireworks.  The first big boom was a first class ticket to the top of my head.  He gradually slumped down & stared in amazement.  I did get a grin out of him toward the end.  But the grand finale of simultaneous booms wasn't a fav.  

My favorite part of this whole holiday week was that Conley began saying love you.  The day before Cade's flight he gave each of us a kiss & said, "Love you dada, Love you mama, Love you bubba."  And he meant it.  With all his little heart❤️
No better way then to end our 5th fourth as parents watching our little family grow. 
Wow.  Did I just say fifth?

Oh, & they both rarely seen the back of their eyelids this week...
#whatsnew #ididforgetmyoils

F O U R T H •  P H O T O • D U M P 
house decorations & all...I'm a terrible blogger🙋
I know this is a "bathroom selfie," but I was just trying to get a good picture of the socks daddy put him in & then... this happened.  I. love. it.  

It's never a good time until somebody ends up naked.👆

Amie said...

All of this is so cute, especially them passed out at the end! haha I think it has taken Bowen two days to recover from the 4th!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Amie! I know, holidays are exhausting (but what isn't) with littles😜