Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Bigger Picture

So, it's Saturday evening.  
I'm folding laundry trying to pack all that we will need for the week, in the hall, beside the boys bedroom (while they play-with the door cracked...*rookie mistake).  
Cam runs out & says, "Hey mom!  We threw all of my clothes in the floor!"  
I walked in & to my horror - 
clothes, underwear, pj's, socks, even their bedding...that started folded and organized in drawers...e v e r y w h e r e.
There I was folding laundry, while they were unfolding it & destroying everything in sight.
Not to mention, I spent 2.5 days asking Cam to clean his toys in the living room.
Not even for free, either.  I told him I would give him allowance.
Such an opportunity to teach: Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
Newsflash:  I don't like to clean 24 hours a day, homeboy. 
*I swear that's all I do
πŸ‘‰you can't clean for 5 minutes...

I promise I'm going somewhere with this.

It's Sunday morning.  
After a headache that put us to bed early the night before, & packing our entire house up (practically) for a trip to NC for work-I back down the driveway with the trunk window accidentally open & run over my laptop, therapy box, & all of my books.
I SWEAR I try to take care of my things.  But I fail miserably.
Typing this blog post like...
Some things I will just not share with you b/c I don't want to get too personal & public with my life (say the girl who blogs about her life-I know).  
But I will just tell me when I say-it was a bad day.

The boys have been another level to top it all off.
Conley hits, pinches, & bites me + throws a FIT every time I save him from his dangerous decisions & quests (aka everything he does while his eyes are open).  I know what you're thinking-discipline that kid.  
Y'all, if you can find a method to help this my guest.

Meanwhile, Cam is my sweet pea, but he has really been testing the waters lately.  You know, see how far he can push me til I break.
For example, he will never stay with me when we are out in public & always wants to push Conley in the stroller (my best tactic for controlling Scouty's behavior in public-I am shocked to find that he likes it most of the time) at 90 mph swerving at every "pedestrian" in sight.

Short Story:
We made a quick trip to a little store to search for a book for my summer camp.  Cam, of course, had to stroll Conley, & after threatening his life several times for running away from me with Conley & the stroller...he eventually strolls Conley out of the store WITH a book that hasn't been paid for.  When I go put the book back (* a step away mind you) he runs out the door without me, Conley in tow.
Is it socially acceptable for me to pull a Conley tude at them?
I know this is just a funk.
I know that in a couple of days (maybe sooner i hope!) we will get back to our routine & the guys will give mama a break, but it's been real lately you guys.  Trying to remain positive & maintain the love for life that I so badly want to have has been put to the test.  

When I start feeling sorry for myself, I think of a girl I was told about that just lost her daughter that is Conley's age for no known reason, and what she must be feeling right now.  Or the girl that just lost her father unexpectedly. I think of the girl that may be hearing "you have cancer" or the family expecting a baby hearing "We can't hear a heartbeat anymore."
My "bad days" are put in perspective & mean nothing anymore.

Our life down here isn't or will never be perfect.
I don't know why we ever find ourselves thinking that it should be, do you?
We are promised troubles and storms (and none of these stories I have mentioned can be considered any of those!).

Cam has been obsessed with the movie "Soul Surfer" lately. (#sharksarelife HA) The movie vividly retells the story of pro surfer  Bethany Hamilton, getting her arm bitten off by a shark. Then, she not only gets back in the water (I'm over here like- I have never been touched by a shark, but barely will stick my toe in the ocean!), but learns to surf professionally again, despite her fears & limitations.  The devil gives it to her, but she refuses to settle until she understands God's purpose for her life.  She really struggles with why her arm had to be taken from her.  Can you i m a g i n e?  One of the big points in the movie is that, though sometimes it's hard to understand things close up, when we step away, we can see the bigger picture...
i.e. πŸ‘‰ just take a look at this butterfly picture
If we just look at the magnified portions, we don't understand what the bigger picture is.  
Even in our bad days (or weeks), in our bigger storms and trials we inevitably will be faced with, God has a bigger, more beautiful picture that makes sense.  We just have to know and trust that He's got this,y'all.  He is in control❤️
I think God made Cam obsessed with this movie for a reason:)

"But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high."
Psalms 3:3

Amie said...

On bad days or nights I do exactly the same thing. I remind myself this is really not that bad in the grand scheme of things and that there are people going through much worse.

Cassidy Adams said...

It's so true! I always think of the quote by Anne Frank about looking around to find happiness. Just another example: If SHE can do can I.❤️