Friday, July 21, 2017

H54F || Nordstrom Sale Frenzy😰

There is no one who would love more than to drop some major dollars on some new clothes at Nordstrom.
(especially after emptying my closet & selling all my things (HA)for my Capsule Wardrobe efforts)
And clearly this sale is amazing...
BUT holy social media overload.

It's enough to make a girl feel lousy for not being able to immediately cart & buy the "popular (*drool worthy I might note) items" blowing up instagram.  Like, they straight up give you anxiety that something is going to sale out & I don't even want it!  LOL.  I even spent Conley's nap time yesterday, entering to win gift cards🙈😂.  But you know what?
I came to my senses!
I would rather be working my way to being debt-free, wearing something I can afford, than to go crazy & get my eyes off of what is important.  Isn't it crazy the marketing tricks out there??
Yikes!  Maybe I should unfollow some of those fashion bloggers...😳

This week has been SO much better🙌🏼

one.  TV Land
Christmas in July on Hallmark this past week, Shark Week this week.  When the summer sun is just too hot (& it has been lately!  Holy smokes!)...crank up the ac & light the fire (for about 5 minutes...😬) for a cozy evening in!  

two.  perfect family pictures
It has been a quest of several years now for perfect family pictures.  We finally did it!
At least I think so.  I want this one👇🏼blown up on a huge canvas for our living room collage wall.

three.  capsule wardrobe update
I've made a little bit of money from things I've weeded out of my closet during the second step in the capsule wardrobe process.  I'm saving up for some things to replace the things I've sold that are more versatile and "me" these days!  (It's hard not to spend it on clothes for the boys, b/c I have so many fun things on their back to school/fall shopping list😊)  
You far-this has been such a rejuvenating thing.
Take THAT Nordstrom sale!  😂 #byefelicia

four.  my rearview mirror
While this totally contributed to my terrible week last week...I love when I can look back & see how God allows these things to happen to us to get us to realize how blessed we are.  I take SO many things for granted -for example a windshield and intact rearview mirror (or a four year old laptop-which I loved & miss terribly).  All materialistic things-yes.  But how blessed I am to have (or have had) them at all. 
 When the boys jerked our mirror off about two months ago, it had lasted all it could, fell again, and insurance denied assistance and it was out of pocket pay.  Adulting stinks, y'all.  But I'm so glad it's not duct taped on, swinging around the car, or bangng the windshield anymore.  Oh, and fun can disconnect the cord and remove it instead of letting it hang.  Learned that the day it was getting repaired😑

five.  two weeks of summer camp down, one to go.
I can't wait to share what's been in my speech boxes for summer.
I've had a blast planning my mornings with our little pre-k campers...
& in making the theme "summer & beach related..."I have made MYSELF so ready for our trip to the beach in a couple weeks.
+ if you see my oldest boy, Cam.  He will make SURE you know he can now "go under the water."  His greatest accomplishment to date (in his eyes😉).  So proud of him for overcoming his fear of "sinking."
Happy Friyay;)

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I wouldn't even let myself look at the Nordstrom sale! We don't eve have a store close by so I've maybe been in one a couple of times while traveling. But I see all these gorgeous fashion posts and it's so tempting. But I kept focused and avoided the site. Haha. Tell me more about this wardrobe capsule. I need to do a clothing purge and I was thinking of sending some stuff to Thred Up but hadn't fully decided yet. I have tons of things I could sell. And the rear view mirror and the duct tape - too funny! Makes me feel more normal! :)

Cassidy Adams said...

Girl, now that's will power to not even look:) I don't have a store close by either, but basically shop online for most things I buy (hello, wild boys in a store) mmmm mmmm. Look up cotton stem or Joanna Gaines (and there is a lot of stuff on Pinterest about the capsule wardrobe. I'd like to do a post when I work my way through, but they'll get you started! AND the duct tape mirror...yes. Talk about humiliating - especially in a drive thru! And then to explain how it happened...🙈