Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Five || The Great Purge

The Mr's long vacation was unexpectedly cut short (we found out the day before...)
= a down in the dumpster kind of day & a half.  

After dropping him off at the airport yesterday morning, I decided it would be best just to keep myself busy.  What better way to do so than continuing the great summer home purge.  I have mentioned how I've started working toward a capsule wardrobe & I felt as if this was the perfect time to finish cleaning everything out & going to the consignment shop.  

I began organizing my Pinterest boards to coordinate with the pieces in my closet that I own (or may need to be on the look out for) to make the outfits I pin.  I'm only going to buy pieces with the money I earn by selling (HA.  Harder than it neighbor friend & I are both doing this + have both had the same poor luck at selling our "out" pieces). 

Regardless of that struggle, I feel like I am decluttering + getting a better feel for my style, now that I've cleaned some pieces I never seemed to wear out of the way.  
I'm excited to see the end product:)

Up next...the Mrs closet😱
Yes, I'm going to organize a capsule wardrobe for him, too😉  
He has more clothes than I do!

What have you guys been up to this week?
I vote for a holiday week following the days after the fourth...
kind of like when you need a vacation from your vacation.

one. cold brew coffee
Y'all, this Starbucks cold brew is my new favorite for these hot summer mornings.
  It tastes JUST like the kind they serve (I guess its supposed to...ha!)  
But really, most of the time, even if you buy a store brand, there is something missing that keep you going for the authentic.  Nope, not here!  
And THEN you have a whole 6 servings of yummy iced coffee waiting in the fridge for ya, mamas!☕️

two.  ice cream truck shenanigans
We seen ice cream trucks last summer occasionally as they would swing by the playground.  
Cam even had a dream about it the year after it it was impressionable.
But when I heard a sweet little tune playing the other day...
I thought-is it time to go to heaven?  Is this the rapture??  LOL.
  I searched the house trying to find the toy that was making that noise.  
Finally, I knew it had to be coming from outside & we ran to the window to spot the cute little ice cream truck making it's way through the neighborhood!  
Cam was bummed we didn't catch on in time...but TODAY was our lucky day.
We caught him with perfect timing after pulling in the driveway after grocery shopping!

three.  the boy's sign + kelly (or hulk) green bedside table are here!
Still have headboards to go & this room will be complete!
Cam has been sleeping in HIS ROOM (sure, I may have to snuggle with him for hours & run to jump in the bed when I hear MOMMY on the monitor) but hey!  That's progress, you guys!
And Con...well, he stays partial nights if I get him to sleep in there.  
He always winds up back in the homeland by midnight😛
four.  life right now
This is how I roll.  With elmo in my purse👍
I look down & it's things like this that impress upon me just 
how sweet this time in my life is.
And I had my annual checkup at the OBGYN.  I oddly love going back (isn't that strange).  It brings back such sweet times in my life + everybody's always asking when we're gonna have another..."  Ha!
(This was the first time I've been a n y w h e r e by myself in months.  I didn't know how to act...)

five.  a good discount
We've had 
W E L C O M E    S P R I N G
on our porch for long enough!  
My Mr. & I ran into this in the clearance aisle on our date night this past week and
Love finding the Target clearance hiding spots!
It is with much bittersweetness I say, that this week was one of my last true weeks of "summer."  Our three week summer camp begins Monday.  I was even bombarded with back to school displays on every corner when we went to the ATM at target and made a loop.  And I ironically just so happened to run into "You've Got Mail" on the tv guide (my ultimate back to school movie) this evening.  Consider it tivo'd for an early bedtime in the near future to get myself back into "school mode."
Happy Happy Friday!

Laura Darling said...

I need that Starbucks cold brew! I did a capsule wardrobe over the winter and I loved it! I didn't get myself together in time for summer but I think I'm going to do it again for the fall. Maybe I'll do my husband's wardrobe too! :) Hope you're having a good weekend!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I am loving Elmo in your purse! It makes me feel normal. I need to do the purge. I have one room that looks like it just exploded in clothes we never wear. How are you selling them? I've been curious if anyone has ever used Thred Up... I made a Walmart run yesterday and saw all the school supplies. I didn't even know what to say. No!! Not yet. Haha. Hope you have a good week!

Amie said...

The ice cream truck goes to our daycare on Tuesdays so we send money for Bowen to get a treat on those days. I can only imagine how that actually goes with all those kids!! haha