Friday, June 30, 2017

New Beginnings + Fourth Inspo

Things look a bit different around here this morning, huh?
Let me shed some light on something I've felt brewing for a while now.

Me:  I feel like my blog needs a new name.  I just feel like it doesn't fit me & our life anymore.
Mr:  Yea, when have you ever had peaches around or worn pearls anyway???

T o u c h e.
Though it wasn't meant to be literal...
This blog began almost 5 years ago.  I was in a hurry to begin documenting my life as a first time mommy.  I didn't really have a platform (nor I do really to this all started with a few interests & a baby cookin') so I went with something that covered my southern roots - peaches and...pearls (& I often wear pearl earrings, thank you).

I won't lie to you.
I tend to find myself frustrated when people leave the original.  Their beginnings.
And in my twenties, if there is one thing I have learned, it's that new isn't always better (thanks Joanna G).  I'm such a sap for sentimental & not changing things drastically.  
But, I DO want my blog title to be a better representation of what people can expect when they begin reading & I have never been able to get that with  know, that..."that's it! feeling."  
Until now.  
Lets face it.  
You may not know that I slap a burlap bow on most things in my home around the holidays, but you do know that I babble a lot about my boys & my passion for dreaming up a room or decorating for holidays.  I haven't been able get those three little words out of my mind & ultimately, I thought it fit.  I thought it encompassed everything I love to write about here & I didn't even have to do a google search to get inspiration & help a sister out.  
It came discretely from meπŸ˜‰

So from now on, you can find Peaches & Pearls at
I hope you don't mind...& I'm excited for a new beginning.  
Peaches will always live on here, but I'm ready to make this space more unique to me.

With that said...what do you as the reader prefer to read about?
I'll never stop the baby boy spam (#sorrynotsorry), but I will try to do more on a topic if it appeals to the reader more than others...please shoot me a message or comment below with feedback:)  I've gotten slack in posting & when I do it's been only for a friday favorite & I feel like I have been limiting myself to the things we can talk about here!
I need all the direction + inspiration I can get in making this place the best it can be...
Thanks, sweet friends.

Now onto some sweet inspiration for the Fourth...
such fun colors
LOVE the rae dunn "junk" plates!  especially for holidays
pennant banner love.  that flag for a table drop.  and doesn't this make you want to make a pie just to make your kitchen smell good & look festive??
this is why all white kitchens are the bomb.  they are the perfect backdrop for the pops of color from each holiday & nothing clashes😍
i found one of those coke crates at an antique store this past week but never bought.  this is giving me regrets...seriously considering one for the boys room! (+ I can swipe it to decorate for the fourth once a year...πŸ˜‚)
all the chalk & garland...
i really want one of these😍
the double door uncles sam's, though.
To me, there is nothing that feels quite like sweet summertime except for- the fourth of July.
Though summer isn't exactly my holiday is secretly my favorite holiday behind Christmas, Thanksgiving, & Halloween.  Shhhhhh.
  It has always been a tradition (my entire life) to spend the day out on the lake until the sun slips away making way for the dark sky that cues us to drive into town to catch the late fireworks show.  I love the sweet touches these girls have shared of their homes all dolled up for the fourth.  What's your favorite way to celebrate?

And y'all, if you have boys this fourth.  Holy cute...
these are 40% of here.

Hope you all have a fun filled holiday weekend full of sweet memories!❤️

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I love the new name!! Congrats on making the change and going for what fits! Sometimes a little newness is all the inspiration that you need!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you, Trista! :) I hope you have a great fourth weekend with your sweet family!