Thursday, June 1, 2017

H54F || Bye, May. Hello, June!

There are so many topics + thoughts I want write about right now.  
I have so many hey I should write about that light bulbs that go off during the week, but when I actually sit down to write, it's like all of my thoughts from the week disappear into thin air.  
Maybe I'll just start by taking it a day at a time...

Today, obviously I will go from the prompt of Friday Favorites...
(aka H54F link-up)

This last week has probably been one of the most eventful weeks I've probably had in at least a year

 Our neighbor had a friend over that decided to ride his bike with no hands, which led to him scraping & denting a girl at our bible study's new car.  The next day, we had an encounter with a dead copperhead in our back yard in which Conley came inches from running on top of.  Then, right before we headed to NC for our last week of work before summer- a severe thunderstorm destroyed our back patio.
Conley decided he would not take a nap on Memorial Day & then party up on into the night til midnight after mommy tried to get him to sleep for f i v e hours.  The next day, after a long day of Preschool registration...Cam jerked my rear view mirror off my windshield (even taking some of the glass off with it).  I spent all day Wednesday trying to get it fixed before heading back across our curvy mountain roads to Tennessee. 

This is all totally trivial, can bring a sister down a notch if she let's it.
And I may have let it a little.  
BUT.  I love that there's always sunshine somewhere on a cloudy day!
 So here are some of my sun rays from the week:

one.  laughter
This made me laugh- because despite how much I complain about lack of sleep + Conley Scout, I'm bad to stay up all night doing a n y t h i n g but sleeping, b/c, idk - I guess I'm just so accustomed to not having it!  HA.  But really, this is SO me & google.

two.  If you give a horse a lollipop
Have you ever done this?  
Well I used to when I was little & always got the biggest kick out of it.  So I tried it with the boys this week.  It was quite the epic fail b/c the horses refused to open their mouths for the sucker, but the boys sure had fun trying:)  Annnnd we got to love on the horses in the process-they were very friendly.  I love seeing them enjoy something I used to enjoy.  
It makes a mamas heart warm & fuzzy:)

three.  Bible School prep
I've so enjoyed getting ready for Bible school this week.  There is something so therapeutic & satisfying knowing that God has given me the opportunity to use my creativity for Him.  The boys have enjoyed it about as much as I have-they even got a painting session out of it (even after Cam painted our bench green after our Mother's Day project...)  Excited to start on the room this week!

four.  Hobby Lobby+fall
Too soon?  Not on Hobby Lobby's watch!
Or Cassidy's either๐Ÿ˜‰  I got super psyched on our Bible School trip...

five.  the brothers bedroom
I'm slowly making progress in collecting all the pieces for the boys room.  
They are so ready for their own beds.  It might hurt my heart, but it sure won't hurt my sleep cycle!  Here is my vision board... (I'm such a nerd to make these but it really helps me make sure everything flows)!  
<<Before Pinterest & all these fancy picture collage apps...I used to cut pictures out of magazines and paste on paper instead>>
When I seen the sign below on Pinterest, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.
I knew there was this "one piece" to build the rest of the room around & this was it.

Though this sign is inspired by Jeremiah 20:11, the creator had me to write my own version of the sign.  The one pictured is an original that cannot be reduplicated.  At first it was a little overwhelming to write myself but still carry the same meaning.  In the end, I felt like that kind of made it all the more special because the sign will be something I wrote for them that they can always keep. 
The theme of their room is Warrior.  Being brave.  No fear. 
I envision it as very eclectic.  Simple.  And all revolving around boyhood.
I think those words are perfect for a Christian (especially boy/man) to embrace.  
Not only that, but it embodies everything about boyhood, too.

Cam has requested a "shark room" for a long time.
With this theme, we can include sharks but he has the opportunity to include all the other things he loves too.  Because this homeboy.  His obsessions are ever changing.
  ( This includes sharks, dinosaurs, cars, and any other thing a little boy loves).

And that, my friends, is where these shelves come in.  
I want to hang one on each boy's side of the room & let them put their favorite things on it.
Of course, Conley will need a little help right now-but I think I know a few of his favorite things:)  I love that shelves are ever changing & fun to switch up.
Just like my sweet brothers!

And of course we have to add a pop of green because...
that's Cam's favorite.
And mine, too. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I'm excited to see it all come together!
Hope y'all have a great weekend<3

Micki Conley said...

I love having vision boards too to help me pull together my plans and thoughts. I am getting ready to redecorate my kids rooms and have found that Pinterest has become my best friend!

Cassidy Adams said...

Me too, Micki! Gotta love Pinterest <3