Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Mom Tee + Capsule Wardrobe Quest

Why am I so obsessed with the mom tees?
The more I think of how nerdy it is, the more I love them.  
Seriously you guys, I fall in love with every. one. I. see.  

ES-pecially the boy mom ones.  I could seriously have them all.  I kinda have to reel myself back in sometimes...what seems the most appealing idea to me is g e n e r a l l y NOT the most practical.  So far, I've had a few summer days that have been laid back + I want to look put together, but comfy at the same time.  I think that's where my need for any graphic tee comes in to to play.  I feel like they are a necessary part of my wardrobe since about 50% of my time I'm at home/at a playground/ or running errands!  
And I really have so few...

I've recently decided to try organizing a capsule wardrobe by season.  It's really a simple way of living + I have SO desired that in my life lately.  What's convinced me more than anything is my tendency to have the hardest time choosing what to wear every morning.  I find myself gravitating toward a select few items while the remainder of my closet just causes a form of claustrophobia.  The last thing I need is another reason to feel overwhelmed.  

Here are a few general ideas I've gathered (so far) learning about creating a capsule wardrobe:
-Create a three piles of clothing: (by season of course)
1.  Items you love
2.  Items you maybe love
3.  Those you never wear/haven't worn in a year.
-Create a pie chart & indicate what you spend the majority of your time doing...
It is here you will understand the type of clothes you need to focus on & how much of the certain type you will need!
My chart looked like this: not sure if it's accurate...but rough draft
-Donate or sale those you never wear, keep those you love, & contemplate which to place those you aren't so sure about
-identify the items you gravitate toward to better understand your style & stay in tune with what pieces to "collect" for your closet :)
(what color are they?  what material?  why do you love them?)

It's really crazy to have excess.  It actually drives me crazy.  Why do I ever hang on to those things I really don't need or will ever wear again?  It seems so easy when I read about it.  And then when I get serious about it...I go to my closet & stare.  

I don't want to part with that NOW...I might need that one day.  I think I will miss having this piece.  Why am I even doing this in the first place?

So far...this is my progress.  
The clothes I love are hanging.  And I really don't have a "middle pile" as my personality type can't handle a pile with no where to go.  SO.  That's my donate/sale pile.  And there ya have it!  Step ONE of my journey to the capsule closet complete.  My next step is to take a portion of that pile to a thrift store to earn some cash to add a few graphic tee's to my capsule ;)  I have come to find that this is the type of clothes I find myself in the most!
Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe?
*information regarding "capsule wardrobe" was gathered from the Magnolia Journel + Cottonstem.