Monday, June 26, 2017

Moments on Monday || Summer Solstice

I guess summer's in full swing now, huh?
I found this while swiping through instagram the other day, & felt it was the perfect description of how I feel about Summer!
How inspiring!
Oh, how I wish I could put thoughts into words just like this!
I've really been struggling with the desire to write lately.

Writing is something I've a l w a y s enjoyed.  It's so therapeutic for me, & I especially love it here because it's so lighthearted & I get to write about my favorite things.  But lately it's another thing on the "to do list" when the boys are asleep + ends up on the back burner.  It could be <<perhaps 😁>> that I have so many ambitions that I am making an "obligation."  Here's to chilling out & going with the flow from now on.✌️

Friday favorites moments on this Monday...
one.  race cars + lightening mcqueen
Ka-chow.  And Mcqueen.  Those are Conley's newest words.
We got to see Cars 3 AND a real live race this past week.  The boys were in hog heaven.
Of course Cam picked the green car every time & if he heard the slightest clue that it wasn't in first place...  He cried.  Like bawled.  And he says he wants to be a race car driver, again.  Oh, & everywhere we go they *both* think they need more matchbox cars.
As if we need another to add to our collection of 5.4 billion.😜 

two.  oil obsessing
You guys, I have a problem.
I want all the oils.  There is a high possibility that my Mr. of almost 8 years is going to divorce me over them.  Unless, he opens himself up to their awesomeness, that is.
I am so obsessed🙈  The more I study them, the more I realize you can use them for a n y t h i n g.  And the information is both overwhelming & i n f i n i t e.  If you think you'd like to know more yourself...please contact me!  I'd be glad to help you.
I'm so excited with this new find.

three.  boys room
The room is painted!!
I can't decide whether to leave as is or attempt a fun accent wall behind their beds.
What do you think-yes or no for the fun accent wall??
We are getting SO close to putting everything together & I can't wait!  The shelves came & we found the perfect lamp on clearance earlier this week.  I found someone to paint their nightstand Kelly Green.  We just found the perfect sheets to match the "warrior theme!  
Dino diffuser+SleepyIze is on the way!
We've just got to find the beds now... I mean, not that beds would be important or anything. 
Truth be told, it's probably going to be Mama's mattress.  For the next year AT least😂  Cam started crying last night saying he didn't want me to sleep with Daddy, I had to sleep with him.  We've, Okay, I ' v e created an eternal sleep monster buddy.
Well, maybe two.
They're only little once.  They're only little once.

four.  A dress for mama
We headed out to go to a "How to be a Pirate" class at the toy store yesterday morning. Turns out, they were full & no longer accepting anymore kids.  We decided to sign up for next weeks class & go to the little playground at the mall instead <since it was raining & we were already out> & ready to do something.  On our way, Cam seen a dress store & said something I know he didn't realize would pull so hard on my heart strings.  
"One day I'm gonna buy you a dress, mama.  I've just got to decide what color."  
He went on to talk about whether he would choose the red or black (aka white) & I just couldn't help but smile at such a sweet, special little moment.  The day before I had just about entered the pull hair out zone.  They whined over e v e r y t h i n g & fought like cats & DOGS.  Something told me, just wait til tomorrow.  A fresh start.  Tomorrow will be a good day.  And it was.  
I love my little boys more every day that passes.  My heart m i g h t bust.

five.  Santa on the escalator
I'm full of stories this week, huh?  Among our free adventures at the mall, as we were riding up & down the escalator 54 times, we ended up in front of an older gentleman with long white hair & a beard to match.  He had on overalls & a red hat + shirt.  I didn't think much about it, but ended up noticing how much he was getting a kick out of our fun & said "Apparently, this is fun!"  He chuckled & said, "Ah yes, people would pay 50 cents at the fair to ride something like this!"  We laughed.  Then he became serious & turned to Cam & Conley.  "Did you know that you boys are on the nice list this year?"  I know it's hard to be good ALL the time.  
Cam lost color in his face & slowly turned around...looking much like this:
When his eyes met SANTA'S- 
I swear I seen them twinkle & then a sweet little grin shot across his face.  
In true embarrassing mom fashion (I'm becoming THAT), I asked Cam if he wanted his picture with Santa.  He shyly declined.
Naturally, I still tried to inconspicuously snap a picture of him without seeming like a crazy weird Christmas freak, which I totally am, but it never happened.  
But, I swear this happened.
Talk about Christmas feels in June, y'all❤️
So... FYI.
While you're busy making plans for the fourth + fireworks + such...
 Santa's out there.  And he's watching you while he's riding up & down the escalators shopping at Dillards.
Be on your BEST behavior. 

And girls...
 My mamaw Betty says the best shoe sales are at the end of the month.  
E s p e c i a l l y be nice then.  
Mamaw Betty knows.
Happy Friday!