Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017

So how is your summer going so far?
 I would say it's off to a great start, except for the fact that I am still on the road 24/7.  
I'm ready to be able to stay home for a little while without having to keep an open suitcase, yall!😜  
  Aye aye aye.
Annnnnnny WHO.

Anybody else make a summer bucket list?  I love lists, so of course we did...
I am so looking forward to the sweet long days of summer!
I can't believe it's almost been a year since this picture was taken...
1.  Visit as many parks & playgrounds as humanly possible.
2.  Have a picnic.
3.  Watch Cars 3 & go pick out our favorite character at Target
 (the boys scream CAR! every time we pass the Cars 3 display, so this is our deal)
4.  Go to Bible school & learn about Jesus! ✙
5.  Complete our big boy room & start sleeping in our own beds.😴
6.  Become proficient in essential oils ( in the name of sleep!)  🍃
7.  Learn to coupon like a boss.
8.  Make theme boxes of therapy for work (one for each month).  And THAT means we've got to get our office together <my mr. just loves me & my home projects>🙈
9.  Go to the beach☀️ & I can't WAIT to drink coffee on that front porch again! 
10.  Get a fence, put some snake repellent out, and enjoy our backyard again.🐍
11.  Frequent the pool & teach these boys how to swim! 🏊
12.  Make a pizza on the grill.🍕
13. Watch Christmas in July on Hallmark channel. 🎄
14.  Watch fireworks. 🎆
15.  Make homemade ice-cream. 🍦
16.  Visit an aquarium so the boys can see real sharks. 🎣
17.  Start working out again (story of my mom life) 
18.  Establish healthy eating habits for my picky eating boys!  We have lost focus of eating & drinking things that are good for our bodies & we are working on developing better habits (more on this later!) 
19.  Go to some fun summer camps at Smart Toys & Books 
(Fire + Rescue Day, crafts, All About Trains + How to be a pirate!)
20.  Have friends come over to stay the night & splash pad hop+ go to the zoo:) 🐯
And last but not least...
21.  Eat from a food truck and maybe find a movie on a lawn somewhere! 🚚
We've got a lot to live up to this summer, huh? 😎
If it were up to Cam...
"Mom, can we just watch something on amazon crime?" 
(he means prime).

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I love this list!! Can I just say that sleeping in our own beds and getting out of pull ups is on ours?! He knows better, he's just too lazy to do it! Hope your summer is as awesome as it sounds like it's going to be! Enjoy! :)

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you, Trista! Maybe we need to start a Mama Summer Support Group;) Good luck, mama!