Friday, May 26, 2017

H54F || Joy In My Journey

one.  God
Can I just take a minute to brag on my father?
On Saturday I did something I would have never thought I could.  I accepted the invitation to speak (one of the most quiet & shy people you'll ever meet✋) at a ladies retreat, "Finding Joy in the Journey."  I've said it a billion times since April & I'll say it again, I don't understand why God opened this door for me to walk through, but I am blessed that he helped me stand when I wanted to hide + still gave me something to share that he had put in my heart to share.  You guys, if I can do it, anybody in this world can do it.  
To serve Him in a tiny way after all he has done for me is an honor & pleasure.
Can you tell I ugly cried the entire time?
Also, not only that, but he has allowed me to open up my home to some sweet girls in my neighborhood for a bible study, twice since March!  I've been praying for him to send some friends my way & for him to use our home for His honor & His glory. 

 Just sitting in the circle of girls last night...I can't help but marvel at how surreal it is to see how my prayers are being answered.  I know I'm on a mountain in my life right now.  I feel so much growth & happiness.  I know that it's in these moments (especially when we see others going through hard times) that we draw strength for the valleys that inevitably come our way at one point or another.
I pray that I realize how great HE is no matter what is going on in my journey of life.
Deep stuff today, guys!

and then there's this...
two.  old navy sale
Poor Scouty has been wearing track pants in this heat b/c he has like one pair of shorts right now.  Can I just say I hate when they grow out of things so fast!😫
Yesterday, I swung by Old Navy to find 50% off of about e v e r y t hi n g!  
We basically got 8 pairs of shorts for $4 each.  And, of course, matched them the best we could😉  Run, don't walk if your littles are growing out of their summer duds!

three. schoooooooool's out. for. the summer.
Thursday was the last day of "work" work for the 2016-17 school year.  I will be doing a little over the summer every now & then BUT the typical workday is done!
Our little Preschooler's graduate tonight!  I am so proud of each of them & will n e v e r forget them...they have been such a sweet little group + have forever took a piece of my heart.  I love my job!

four.  fruit bowl
This is probably so dumb to share, b/c it's so easy + simple>>>but I'm gonna anyway!  We are trying to eat healthier over here (hello, visit with the cardiologist+ all the fruits & veggies available right now) & (the fact that we may actually get to stay home for a week) so we have been keeping a big ol' bowl of fruit to snack on in the refrigerator.
Best. Snack. Ever.
Hands down!  And does it not just scream summertime?

and last but not least...
five. a healthy boy
I went back & forth about posting this picture to social media.  I really wanted to share a praise report but then I also kept telling myself there are somethings we shouldn't share on social media.  <<I go back+forth about that with myself ALL the time.>>  When is it too much?  Where do we draw the line?
But that's another day & another post... I want to share it here!
Cam has had a heart murmur since birth.  His pediatrician in NC wasn't concerned, but when we moved to our new pediatrician here in TN, he was a little concerned with how loud it sounded at his recent four year old check up.  SO.  He referred us to the pediatric cardiology office for an EKG to better understand the nature of the murmur.  After the EKG, a bunch of questions...waiting... & stethoscope exams later... the doctor handed the diagram at the bottom of this page to me + wrote "normal heart."  
Those words may seem so simple.  But that day, after a "hard" week, to the point where I had convinced myself something would be wrong.  How could it not be after the tone of the week?  Right??  Wrong!  Those words, though simple...they were SO significant to me.  So precious.  Such a blessing to see on that piece of paper.  
I know it's pretty common for kids to have heart murmurs.  But then again, we take for granted just how close each one of us are to that one phone call, that one doctors visit that can change everything.  We think "it can't happen to us" but that something can.  It's by God's grace we hear "all is good" before we walk out the door each time.  May we each realize how truly precious the words "all is good" each time we leave the doctors office.  
Especially when it's with our babies...
Wow!  What a heavy way to leave this post...😊
I'm just all sentimental today.
Happy Friday, y'all❤️
P.S. I would love for someone to do a guest post this upcoming month!  
Please contact me if you feel you have something to share:)

Amie said...

So glad to hear everything is ok!! I agree with you, I am always thankful for every visit that is 'normal'. Something could happen at any point in time. You are such an inspiration listening to God lead you and then acting on it!

Herry Johnson said...
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