Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites || Week of 5.15.17... My Mama Don't Like You & She Likes Everyone.

This week has been one for the b o o k s.

I am speaking (just writing that word makes me want to find the nearest toilet) at a Women's Retreat Saturday & it seems everything that could go wrong this week has.  Except for our little trip to Dollywood today.  (Which my soul SO needed).  
I hope that just means that God is going to be showing up + out at our meeting!
All that being said, please say a prayer for me.  I need all the prayer I can get!

To top off the difficult week:
Tonight, my husband calls me & tells me that the security company has called him and told him that a cell phone signal that wasn't mine had been identified within our house.
RIGHT AFTER: our security system had quit working for the day, the alarm indicated that it's "battery had been stolen," & our internet/cell service had been shady all day😱
ALL while I was home alone with my two babies😠
I still have a numb heart + am trembling.

ON to High Five for Friday before this girl has a heart attack.
I'm not sleeping tonight, anyway (Thursday night😁).

one.  Planning for Bible School
It's that time of year, you guys!  Our theme is a wilderness type theme, & my wheels are spinning on how to make our little nursery look like a camp ground.  I'm filling my Pinterest board full of fun ideas:)

two.  Native shoes
I don't think I've commented on these before, but we are loving these shoes for summer!  I even have a pair + I can personally testify of their comfort, oh & durability for dirty, hot, summery days.  And it doesn't hurt that they are super cute! (Or at least I think so).  My husband says they are "glorified crocs"...& I've never been a fan of those SO.  To each their own😊

three.  this song on repeat
It's an old song, & I don't know why I can't quit playing it, but I realized my obsession with it when I heard Cam singing it today🙈  Oh, have I shared how much I love Kellie Pickler?  Idk what it is.  Maybe it's because of her accent, the fact that her best friend is a quirky guy from high school, or the fact that her reality show kept me up + entertained during midnight newborn nursing sessions with Conley.  But, I love her!

four. My 5th Mother's Day
How can I be saying that??  My little family made this day so very special for me.  I hate the Mr. had to leave early that morning, but I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with all three of my guys this past week.  I just want to thank God for blessing me with the role of a mommy to Cam & Conley!  It is joy unsurpassed.  
My most favorite, most important role ever.  And my sweet bouquet of roses are still doing their job of making our breakfast nook the happiest place in the house.
five.  Dollywood
Our first trip of the season.  And it was SO much fun.  What was even more fun is seeing Cam get more excited every time we come...& the fact that they passed out when their heads hit the pillows tonight.  Cam asked if we could go again tomorrow. 
 Tempting...very tempting.

you can tell Conley's grubby little fingers had been checking out my green beans😂

Of course, the balls were his favorite.
Teaming up with the girls of High Five for Friday today.