Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Adams Brothers || Snapshot

I always wanted a big family. 
 I remember bargaining to play "Cowboys" or "Power Rangers" with my little brother as long as he would play a game of  "Dicky & Gina" (aka h o u s e with the roles of my great aunt/uncle's large family with four boys) when I was little.  They amazed me.  I loved how entertaining it always was at their house.  It seemed to be the hub of all things fun + exciting.  So much laughter.  All the crazy stunts + games that always seemed to be going on.  As I got older, I remember thinking at some point- I think I would like to have all boys, too.  These days, I am mama (as you very well know if you read here) to my own two little boys.  
Life has a funny way of making a full circle sometimes:)

I have waited WAY to long to share an update on their sweet little milestones.
But today, it's going down!
 I am going to share my two little boys are like these days.  
A snapshot of them in time.  In May of 2017...

The days are so long sometimes + it's easy to get frustrated sometimes when Conley planks stiff as a board refusing to get in his carseat while Cam says I'm "the meanest mommy in the world" for making him take a nap or taking away the iPad when his time is up.  But I repeat over + over, the days are long, but the years are short.  
I swear I never want them to end no matter how long the days seem sometimes.
I know they will.  
SO.  Here's to making the best of even the hardest/most challenging moments of motherhood + cherishing those sweet days of childhood.
I r e a l l y know how to ramble, don't I?
Weight: 65 lbs #linebackerstatus
Shirt Size: 7/8
Pants: 7/8
Shoe: 1
Favorite Foods: BreadCheese sticks, uncrustables, croutons, ice cream, cereal, ketchup #carbaholic
Favorite Toys: Chewy, Bumble Bee Transformer, Any shark or alligator.
Dislikes: Leaving anywhere but the grocery store or preaching at church🙈, being told no, having to pick up toys/do chores
Hobbies: THE iPad (heaven, help me!), swinging, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the garage, and playing super heroes.
Notorious speech: A l w a y s saying sorry, asks "is that a nice word to say mom?" (searching for a chance to say something he isn't supposed to), I am learning that he randomly says, "Mom, I love you" b/c he knows it sweetens me up🙈  HELLLLLLP!  And his favorite thing to do is scream with the kinda scream that could break glass + say butt. 😖

Conley ONE + 1/2
18 months
Weight: 26 lbs.
Shirt Size: 12-18 moths/18-24 depending on brand
Pants: 12-18 months
Shoe: 6
Favorite Foods: "ronis" (macaroni), biscuits & gravy, bread, ketchup
Favorite Toys: BALLS, "Melmo" (Elmo), Cars, anything he is not supposed to play with
Hobbies: climbing, spashing (toliets are on high alert), prowling + emptying the cabinets, watching cow videos on you tube, throwing things in the trash, "driving" the car (aka sitting in there on a lap for hours pretending to drive)
Dislikes: His pediatrician, being put in a carseat (hello, plank), leaving anywhere but the grocery store
Notorious speech: No is his favorite word. (He loves the Justin Bieber song "don't ya give up NO NO NO (b/c it guessed it.  NO).  Everything is called a "Boat" (especially if it is water), he SCREAMS "BITE BIIIIITTTTTE" irrationally at the sight of food <<AND BALL>>, "Maaaa-ma" is always on the tip of his tongue, trash.  He loves to call role of everyone's name he can think of.  Including all everyone's pets.  His favorites are Josie the Cat & Eloise (eywez) the Dog.
He can basically say anything...except <<OH, you know>> please, thank you, & love you
We're working on those!😁 

You guys, t h e s e, each day I have blogged about since I began this blog...
 these are the days "they" speak of.
Those sweet little moments I will always say "remember when," or "that one time we..."
It's such a bittersweet experience, as with each new age comes a whole different kind of excitement + fun.  I'm just enjoying the ride.
It's a love no one will ever be able to write down or understand or get over.
And I believe God made it to be that way<3
I love you my sweet, darling boys.  Even if butt is your favorite word.
Happy "Star Wars Day!"