Friday, May 5, 2017

H54F || Cinco De Mayo

I basically feel as though I just picked up a book I stopped reading a year ago.
Where to even start after my blogging hiatus?

I wish I could say I decided to take a break from technology & look like I have it all together, but the truth is that life has (+ I'm about to use Cam's favorite word) been kicking my butt lately.  

*A little disclaimer*  
I DO not say any of this to make you feel sorry for me or to complain.  It is my intent, that in anything I write here, that I write with honesty + no filter as long as I keep it classy (no Facebook rant sessions here, folks --though I'd like to sometimes).  

So that's that.  I in no way want to sound whiny (though. I guess I do). 
 I'm just sharing facts of motherhood, girls.  It's not as glamorous as the world (or we) make it sometimes no matter how much we love our babies.  
  I digress.   And yes, ramble.
I'm best at the ramble.

Scouty has been (possibly) the sickest he's ever been for almost a week (we've been blessed he's been so healthy!)  One of those sick days, I ended up with a migraine + had to yell SOS-my family k n o w s that I'm almost at death's door if I resort to getting someone's help.  I'm too much like my nana.🙋
  Maybe, just maybe, that all came to be for one of the following: 
1.  I haven't slept more than 3 hours a night in about a month.  
2.  I live off of coffee.  
3.  Bathe at midnight 
4.  (hardly e v e r get to read my bible or HA look at my computer for pleasure=no blog posting) UNLESS it's working on an IEP that is. 😂  
5.  When it comes to my sweet (or used to be, anyway) time with the boys (who used to enjoy + love their mommy)...if Conley wants to slide...Cam wants to swing.  If Cam wants to jump on the trampoline, Conley wants to push his bubble mower.  (i.e. we can't ever agree on something we can all three do together safely, with supervision + be happy).  And there is only ONE mommy, so s o m e o n e doesn't get their way + is always upset with me.  And I am serenaded by screaming and/or whining and/or crying.  

I think this is a new stage, y'all. 
 I just so hope it doesn't last tooooo long.  I don't want them to grow taller or heavier just yet (lol), just grow in the sweet, content + happy kind of way.  
Ya feel me?

one.  summer foods are comin!
My mom + mother/father in law, all THREE, have been busy cooking up the most delicious meals with fresh garden foods.  That's all I want now:)  So we've been grabbing some fresh stuff at our little country mart instead of fighting the grocery store.  I'm excited to use some of it for a taco dish tonight to celebrate (+ I really don't know why other than why is taco night, ever NOT a good idea?) Cinco De Mayo.  I think we're gonna try this chicken enchilada casserole tonight.  What are your plans?

So, someone told me about these during spring break.  
They make the coolest, vintage looking pictures, to hang up around the house.  You could make an album, place them in a frame similar to the one shown above, or hang them on a wire for display.  I got 25 for $16 & the quality is amazing!  I LOVE them, you guys!  I mainly chose pictures from last summer + bath tub pics.  I am going to try to save for this photo display (or find one at thrift/antique store) to put in our master bath & fill it with Cam + Conley's funny bath pics.  And well, the summer ones are self explanatory.  It's time to decorate for summer since we are seeing almost 90 degree weather!

three.  Target's Summer Home Decor
why, Target, why?  Must you be so cute.😖

four.  Long Romantic Walks in the Dollar Store Alone
😂  Does that sound weird?
The last time I went in there with my squad, we left with Conley shout screaming in a scretchy voice full of hate BAAAALLLLLLL, because I wouldn't let him pick it up to chuck through the store + Cam sobbing over some weird satellite looking toy he HAD to have.  And to this day, he can remember that I didn't get it for him (but do you think he can remember all the days when he DID get to pick something out??)  
We are SO getting back to our allowance days...
AnyWHO.  I totally left my wallet in the cart that day.  

five.  DADDY!
That's basically what Conley says every time he hears the "Da" word.  Like I said, he loves is obsessed with rehearsing the names all the people he loves over + over again.  And that boy loves his dada.  We get to pick him up Saturday at the airport + we are over the moon excited.  Duh! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with lots of Star Wars + tacos in your future!😉

Teaming up with the girls of High Five For Friday, here, every Friday 
(that is, the one's I'm able to stay up late + write) here.  
tehe <3

Laura at Fantastically Four said...

Ugh, sorry for the bad week. Sickness is THE WORST. So is lack of sleep. Love your pics and browsing at Target too! :D Happy Friday!

Amie said...

I think you are reaffirming my decision to not try for number two! haha This is exactly how I think it would go, I just don't think there is enough of me. I feel like Bowen is both of your boys in one body! Of course I love him to pieces but I totally get how these days go.

Cassidy Adams said...

Happy Friday, Laura! Thanks for stopping by!

Cassidy Adams said...

Amie, don't let me fool you...I love it:-). Some times all you can do is find the humor in it!