Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Adventures with Daddy || May 2017

Cuz' it's been hot + it's been cold.
(for real though, allergies are about to kill our little family🙅)
Conley says yes, then it's NO.
We're tracking foot prints in and then out🎶

Ok.  I'll spare you the corny-ness of finishing that.
Plus, I was completely running out of relevant things to say.

Basically, the past week was one of the best weeks ever.
I think I say this about like Cam does though...when everyday is "the best day ever."😉
But, we really did get to enjoy some quality family time.

We basically lived outside.  We grilled.  We ate donuts.  We found a new playground that felt windy like a beach.  Conley sat in his first booster seat.  We watched Jumunji with Cam.  I discovered I have the lungs of an 80 year old as I blew up a pig sprinkler and inflatable pool.  We fished.  We made Mother's Day Gifts.  Conley refused to wear his right shoe (as usual).  I got on their nerves being the mamarazzi.  Traded a date night for a family night.  We slept sitting up so Conley could breathe.  I skipped all my work out classes.  We drove.  A lot.  + Daddy & Mommy fought over his edm playlist vs. her Belieber jams.

Oh, & 275 Cam selfies later, we emptied our garage of empty boxes after 3 runs to the town dump.  The exciting life we live!
right as he put his spoonful of ketchup in the milk for my oatmeal😑

Unfortunately, Key Lime is everything you think it'd be & more...
And it always end with a speed of lightening good-bye at the airport.

And this is basically the only picture that I have proof that Mother's Day existed.

Praising God for special times as these❤️
Til' Friday, y'all.

Amie said...

So glad you had a wonderful weekend. Can't wait for Bowen to try a booster seat. I love the picture of him fishing in the pool, so adorable!! What kind of shoes are those? I bought crocs for Bowen but these might work also if they are wide enough. He needs wide shoes for his chunky feet.

Cassidy Adams said...

Hi Amie! Thank you:) They are Natives. We love them...I'm pretty sure that's about the only shoe they are wearing right now lol and they are so easy to clean:)