Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve 2016 || Mama's Day Out

Since the day Cam was born, I have really had a hard time finding the "old Cassidy" when I'm not in my "mom role" twenty four hours a day.  I guess it's like I prepared myself the very day I became a mom to be glued to my baby at ALL times & never have a life outside of it again-b/c that's just what mom's are supposed to do, right?  What do I DO with myself when I am not working & I find myself away from my kids for most of the day??  I'm seriously like a lost puppy.

I used to be so anxious about being away from them when I wasn't working & never wanted to leave them for a n y t h i n g.  I tell you, the anxiety I dealt with was a real thing & it can be a heavy burden (though trivial in comparison to all that's going on in the world today - i know) to work through-especially right after having a baby, let me just tell you.  helllllllo hormones.  

Lately, I have been trying to realize that I h a v e to have a little "me time" to be the best mom & wife for myself AND the boys.  I said all that to, I had some of that "me time."  You know when you can hop in & out of your car while running errands without buckling carseats & cleaning up spilled goldfish & juice.  Drive down the road in silence or hear the lyrics to your favorite songs- you can grab everything you need in the store without one trying to nose dive into the store floor or the other begging for every plastic thing labeled "toy" he can find:)  Hehe.  Now that isn't sounding too bad, huh? 

Granted,  most of the things I found myself doing was something I needed to do for them...I also did a few things I wouldn't have been able to do on momma duty:)  

I enjoyed a slice of one of my favorite foods of all time-my Nana's breakfast pizza (recipe here) & then helped her put up her Christmas tree, re-painted my chipped nails, browsed Lowes & Walmart for Thanksgiving ingredients & other things I can't look at with my monkeys -all while enjoying my chestnut praline latte without Conley slobber :) & a nice little battle to keep him from eating my lid, worked on getting Spider in Elf on the Shelf shape, & checked the mail to find...our Christmas cards had arrived!  E e e p:)  

I have to say- after a l l that, I feel like a brand new mama.  P r e t t y darn rejuvenated on this Turkey Eve.   I guess "me time" isn't so bad every once in a while & now, well, you could say I'm ready to take on our four, yes FOUR, Thanksgiving stops tomorrow!  I think I can...I think I can.
And back to my happy place...;)
The only thing that will be better is when daddy come's home this weekend!<3
Wishing all of you a v e r y Happy Thanksgiving!
I have so very much to thank GOD for.  
OF Him, TO Him, THROUGH Him, are ALL things.