Monday, November 14, 2016

Boy Mom On A Budget || Vests

Lately, in the realm of boy things, & after f i n a l l y getting to dress for chilly weather (yay!)...I have found myself gravitating toward vests.  I've found myself practically putting a vest on the boys about everyday this week & t h e n, when we went loafing weekend & I found myself buying...yes, you guessed it.  M o r e vests.  Wear them with dress shirts, tees, or flannel!  There is a vest for every style of shirt. 

 I think I'm in love with a new winter favorite!  Plus...they are easy to keep my boys warm while feeling less bulky so they can run-jump-& play with ease.  I'm a fan!  

And in the world of budget, you could either splurge with a neutral that goes with e v e r y t h i n g or stay with the cheapies & get fun prints.  The fact that you can wear them with anything means you can get your wear out of them in the winter months!  (Which I definitely plan to do!)   
one || two ||three|| four||five
And let's just be frank, in the world of vests & budgets...#oldnavygotgame
P.S. Vests are pretty cute for mommies, too;)  

I think I'll just go dust off my ole Eddie Bower faithful & twin with them;)
Happy Monday!