Friday, November 4, 2016

Five on Friday || It's November, Y'all!

Happy...November???  WHAT!?  
Where to begin?  Cade came home this past week & the whirlwind began.  Christmas card pictures, big stuff happening in the house department (I'll update maybe one day - hehe), getting last minute party supplies, a FIRST BIRTHDAY party, and then...yes, Halloween!  I have loved every minute of it.  Moments I want to capture in a bottle & never forget, you guys.  Okay, maybe not the screaming tantrums or waking up in a bed full get the picture:)  But for the most part, I know I am living in the days I'll cherish the most.
Happy Friday!  Here are my five...

one  Daddy's week at home!

two  It's beginning to look a lot like christmas:)
And we didn't buy anything but pretzels & juice to munch as we browsed!  
He's basically mirroring the face he sees me making...:)

three  Labeling craziness is about to commence
These brothers are about to drive me bonkers switching cups!  It's like a game-
one that I can't referee b/c I haven't been able to figure out which cup is which...  
But now...;)

four    Family christmas pictures 2016 is in the books!  Christmas cards, here we come!

five Chiropractor cutie 
(p.s. this hasn't improved his sleep, but he did get a little needed adjustment.)  I have been told that he may not be sleeping due to being out of alignment or other problems that a chiropractor may help...oh well!  I have peace of mind now that we ruled this out.
I'm really trying to take time each day of this month to realize just how blessed I really am.  If I'm honest, I always have trouble comprehending true thankfulness.  How can I ever give enough thanks to God for all he's done for me?  It's beyond what I can fathom.  

Giving thanks is definitely something we should do everyday, yet I love that November is such a special month.  I love that it is set aside specifically for giving thanksgiving unto GOD.  We kid about loving the food, turkey, & football.  And all that's nice...but really.  
It's all about Him!  
To remind us that what we have been blessed with isn't by chance or coincidence, but because we have a heavenly father who LOVES & blesses us with each & everything we have, including salvation.  
When we deserve nothing at all!
In awe...