Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Boys || Oh, the Milestones!

Conley Scout || 12 Months
I've basically put off writing this for as long as I can.  I better do it now before I forget all about this little one-ager.  Can I use the nager thing with a one year old?  This boy.  He's my firecracker.  And I never seen it coming!  But with every month his little crackle just gets louder and louder!  He's either precious little lamb or ready to fight & scream bull.
He walks around saying "don't" right as he does the thing he's been told not to do.
Aye. goes.  I guess this is a wrap on the one year milestone monthly Conley Scout posts...Where did this year go, you guys??
Weight:  28 lbs

Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz

Height:  28 inches

P.S. He has girl diapers on b/c the HONEST COMPANY SENT this BOY MOM an entire M O N T H ' S supply of GIRL DIAPERS.  What in tha world??

whats new...

walking running  okay sprinting into trouble, opening and closing doors,  slapping faces & cramming his fists in peoples mouths, stealing mommies tea, throwing things, going limp noodle, slapping Cam's head & stealing his toys, stairs, steering wheels, snatching straws, ANIMALS, slapping key boards , BALLS, hiding in the tee pee, getting bounced on the trampoline, The song "I just wanna be a sheep" (He loves to say ba ba ba ba baaa)

tv, being told "no", when he isn't able to run free, sometimes he hates life & just is not happy (hold me, wait you fool-put me down!) going to sleep, the dreaded pack n' play, being put down, busting his head (which he practically does everyday right now)  

play & cognitive development
Conley is basically Evil Knievel's prodigy.  The once sweet little lamb is ready to sky dive & bungee jump at the ripe ole' age of twelve months.  But then, the next thing you know he is laying his head in your lap or on your shoulder giving you "love" cuddles(heart melting).   He is all about cuddling.  He has started saying so many words!  He loves to play with balls & climb on top or all over ANYTHING.  He loves to open and close cabinet doors & throw all the contents out into the middle of the floor.  He is all about reorganizing things his way...just like when he threw all of mommy's clothes and the freshly washed towels into the bath tub this week.  He says "bye bye," bite bite, mama, dada, bubba, don't,  and no (learned that one from big brother). 
He eats everything.  Doesn't care.  If you are eating it, he wants it.  BUT, after about a solid minute of consumption & you better take cover, b/c he starts chunking food everywhere.  Right off the top of my head right now...Conley's favorite foods are macaroni, chicken and dumplings, & veggie sticks (AND whatever you are eating in front of him).  He is still gradually weaning himself from nursing at night.  Surprisingly, he is a lot easier for me to wean than Cam was.  I had a lot of emotional ties with him-I guess him being the first baby & all:)  

Yet a n o t h e r month in the no sleep books.  I actually even have had him at the chiropractor in the past month to try & figure out if THAT could be an issue.  I swear you guys, it's like he is not comfortable & wakes himself up. Overall, I can see a slight improvement.  Either he is growing up or the chiropractor may just be helping him.

twelve month photo dump

Cam Tripp || 3.5 Year Snapshot
Honestly.  When & if you become a parent, everyone will tell you how fast a baby will grow.  Just as the Bible (& your grandparents assure you) they say life goes by as a vapor.  I don't think I knew just how true these words of wisdom really were until I had a child of my own.  How can my Mr & I be parents of a 3.5 year old?  Y'all.  I remember the first letter I typed on this blog after just finding out about being pregnant with him!  I never want to forget these sweet moments in time that absolutely are sweet blessings that could only come from the Heavenly Father above.  That is why I blog.
Here we go.
Mr. Cam at age 3.5...

Age:  3.5 YEARS
Stats: 60 lbs <Yep, I'm gonna say it a g a i n --->AND I still carry him...>
Clothes: Size 5/6/7/8 (LOL) Boys

                                               Um.  What does this threenager NOT eat??  We are really having to buckle down in watching just how MUCH he eats!  Lol.  Camster loves him some food.  His favorite foods are junk, junk, &...oh yea- m o r e junk.  But really-cheese sticks, mozzarella sticks, french fries & ketchup, & chips:/  He's impossible right now!

        cognitive/play development
Cam has learned so much since starting preschool!  He learns about a sound every week & can sing his abc's with a little prompting:)  He still has troubles with colors...I am seriously thinking he does have a touch of color blindness.  Communicating with him is like communicating with any other human on the planet-but a very honest one.  His vocabulary is unreal.  Like, don't ask if you don't want to know human.  He's also pretty dramatic.  He loves to play with his toys, watch shows on tv, play on the iPad or phone (someone please tell me how to control this addiction) jump on the trampoline, play with kids (in which it usually involves shooting zombies, running in circles, & making raspberry noises...)  

sharks, robots, juice & sprite, ANY BOY TOY, superheros, being outside, watching Umi Zoomi, Miles from Tomorrow Land, Paw Patrol, playing with the iPad or iPhone:/, eating junk food, his Chewbacca doll & teepee, spiders, Ony, jumping on the trampoline, croutons, hiding seek, "playing with the kids", going to the cabin & NanaPops, "Cond-ley", Knoxville, Hobby Lobby, Chuckie Cheese, playgrounds, bible school (aka sunday school). Target ( I may or may not have created that monster...) chocolate coffee (choc. milk) "When I get big, I'm gonna drink coffee, too Mom."

monsters, "girl stuff," bugs/spiders, Ony (okay it's a love/hate), "Cond-ley" crying, missing his daddy, being aggravated or teased, when grown ups act a fool, leaving anywhere...almost to the point where I'd just rather stay home than fight him to leave where we are going!


awk---ward is his favorite word & go to phrase
hello, neighbor
You know...the favorite boy things like "poopy butt" :/
are you sanking what I'm sanking? (aka thinking)
"I'm getting bigger, mom!  Ain't I?"
He says "I love you" a lot- & it's the best sound in the world...

3 year photo dump


And, in all randomness...I had to share this while we are on the topic of Cam.
Cam: "Mommy, have you ever seen vampire crabs???"
Me: "Noooo, I haven't."
Cam: "Well, they are very dangerous creatures & they can get out of their cages!"

Just wanted to share this news as nobody wants to run into a vampire crab without having a proper warning.  
Amie said...

So I can't even remember what linked me to your blog but I noticed this was your son's 12 month post on 11/16. My son was born 11/16/15!! If this is your son's birthday that is too cool!! Looks like his weight is like my son's. He is 14 months and weighs 27-28 lbs. Mine would not sleep through the night either and it didn't get better until a couple of months ago. He still stirs through out the night and moans here and there but doesn't fully wake up except maybe once a night which is good for me!! Hasn't it gotten any better for you?

Cassidy Adams said...

Hi Amie! That's so cool! My son was due on November 7th but was born on October 27th:) SO they are very close! It has just probably within the last two months-but he sleeps with us so I'm sure that's the problem:/ Thanks for visiting:-)