Friday, November 11, 2016

H54F || Time Change Got Me Like...

Man, motherhood is kicking my tush right now, you guys!  This recent (glorious at first glance) time change has the boys boycotting sleep at night...
I don't know what has gotten in to them!  They've never loved to sleep-but MYLANTA.  It's been tough!  Anyway, I have to make sure you know:

This girl is totally avoiding any political talk here.
Mmmm k? :)

Who is excited about Thanksgiving?  What is it?  Two weeks away?  
I know this girl is!  I was so very hopeful that my Mr. would be here this year...we were apart last year-but it's looking like he will miss it by about a week.  

I can't really complain about anything right now, though.  SO many people in our neck of the woods are being evacuated from their homes d/t uncontrollable wildfires.  It's absolutely heart wrenching to not only think of that-but the fact that it is happening so close to the holidays.  Can you imagine losing your home so close to such a special time?  Please pray for these people, rain, the firefighters, and for the fires to be contained.

G o o d n e s s.  Sometimes, God just puts things into perspective as to what is important & what is not!  We are so incredibly blessed here in America, guys!  Something like rain, that I have always taken for granted, has turned into a precious commodity.

one.  christmas tees + free hot chocolate

two.  extra money making opportunities for christmas
back to the nursing home on & off for the next week.
sure, I got cussed out during a lunch break...but hey!  all in good fun:P  

three.  mcdonalds christmas cups

four. movie date with camster+trolls
b/c it totally reignites my love for Justin...
all the tired eyes!  right?  Eeesssh!

five.  christmas letters to Santa
I just can't kick my love of making everything lower caps.  I guess I need to decide.  I am probably driving some grammar/english buffs crazy:P
One day I'll get around to posting about Conley's Birthday party.
One day.  Til' that day...