Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

I'd say that this little family of mine has been anticipating the 31st of October since, oh I don't know, maybe July? :)  (I think we actually decided on our costumes then, anyway!)  Cam has been obsessed with Scooby Doo over the past year & he would settle for nothing BUT being Shaggy this year.  Yes, not Scooby.  Shaggy!  That's when we decided we would just morph this little family of ours into Mystery Inc. for the evening:)  
I've had a tad bit of trouble motivating Cam to be excited for school lately.  I think mostly it is just the waking up early part that gets him, but nonetheless.  We tend to have a teeny battle with waking up in the mornings.  
Halloween morning?  
He popped up like a piece of popcorn with a big cheesing grin on his face.  He was psyched for trick-or-treating & the party they had been planning in his classroom.  All the heart eyes:)
At work, it was t o t a l chaos.  When you work with preschool kids on Halloween, just f o r g e t working.  Parties.  Trick-or-treating.  Ain't nobody got time for speech therapy.  Even if I had planned the best session e v e r.  They didn't care:)  Yep, I was stuck inside all day doing paperwork.  I somehow missed seeing all the cuteness of the kiddos trick-or-treating in their costumes when they came by the office... a little heartbroken over that, but I ended up leaving a little early to go pick Cam up & hear all about his first school Halloween party-so, that made it a little easier to deal;)

Buzz Lightyear, I mean, Cam had a b l a s t.  And as you can imagine, he was super hyped for Halloween night & his time to be Shaggy.  We started getting ready immediately when we got back to Daddy & Conley.

Let me just say, God knew what he was doing when he gave me a hubby that would dress up in about anything I ask him to for the sake of a little family fun.

Look at that face.
But our kiddos?  Conley was determined to mean mug the entire night.  Homeboy wasn't a b o u t to entertain the idea of wearing the Scooby head.  We had no chance at fastening it or even putting it on straight. It was a touchy subject & by that time of day, this mama & daddy were pooped.  Not to mention, the black moccs I chose simply because he was going to be Scooby for Halloween?  No where to be found.  He had one shoe on & his Scooby legs kept riding up, while my Daphne boot covers kept sliding down.  Keep on reading...  Shaggy didn't want to wear his beard or hair either-which, y'all.  That's what made the costume.  I could get brown pants & a green shirt a n y w h e r e .  We paid for the costume for the beard & hair.  #halloweenparentprobs
A n y w a y s.  Once we got out the door, none of that mattered!  The magic of Halloween was in the air as we made our way to the school to trick-or-treat.  (And so was the Monster Mash on Sirius XM-a Trick-or-Treating can't forget kinda tradition...)  
I'd like to tell you the rest of the night went perfectly & that the air was crisp & the sky gray, but it was about 80 degrees & there was a line as long as the state of North Carolina outside the school.  Aside from our mean muggin' Scoob hanging upside down trying to wrestle his way into the parking lot with his sock paws or Shaggy seeing how much attention he could get out of the crowd if he screamed, Mystery Inc. represented pretty well.  And oh, the candy!  
Joe Dirt?  Carrot Top?  Oh!  You're Shaggy.
That bag of candy that will still be haunting us this time next Halloween.  Okay, maybe not the chocolate, but everything else!  

Shaggy & Scoob were over it.  By the end of the night, they were sweaty & sprinting down the school hall like that were actually being chased by a ghost.  Maybe our costumes would have been more appropriate if mom & dad would have dressed like ghosts? #hmmmm #foodforthought   
After running around & sneaking several pieces of candy from his trick-or-treat bucket, you can imagine that Mr. Cam was not ABOUT to consider bedtime.  He started crying.  
"But mom!  If I go to bed now, Halloween will be over!  I don't want it to be over!"
It's times like this, I truly realize he is MY kid, y'all.  
It honestly made me sad, too.  And then I thought about the upcoming Thanksgiving & Christmas fun to be had & I was over that real quick;)  Uh huh.  Just the words I needed to cheer up the little Camster, too.  
"It's Christmas now, mom??"  
Yep!  Very soon!  
And just like that...he slammed his head back into his pillow, closed his eyes tight & fell asleep with a big fat grin on his face.  Since waking up November 1st, he immediately asked me if it had snowed over night.  And since, he asks me why it isn't snowing practically every 30 minutes allllll the day long. 
I'm actually asking myself that question, Cam...

Yep.  But Buble for me.

This is also...TOTALLY ME.
Here's to hoping you all had a special Halloween, 
full of sweet memories made with your family & friends!