Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm 12 Day's Old!

Today was my due date, April 3, 2013, but I needed to come a little bit earlier than planned so I wouldn't be delivered by my dad on the "Dragon."  (Inside joke: Dad has had the training to "deliver babies" as a deputy, and given that our doctor was about a 2 hour drive from where we live...Mom & Dad joked that this might happen a couple of times).  The Dragon?  It is the mountain we cross to get to Knoxville...11 miles, 318 curves, no signal, in the middle of no where.  YEA.  A little scary.
This is me...38 Weeks as a bun in the oven-The journey now begins!

Another cool thing about April 3?  It is my Lolli and Pop's anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to them!  But instead of coming into the world today...I figured that March 22nd was the best time-I was ready.

Lately...I have spent my time sleeping throughout the day with my glow worm blanket, and keeping mom and dad up at night.  It's pretty funny to see how they react to my cries, dirty diapers, and night owl antics.  We have had a lot of company and doctor's visits, so we are all very tired, but what can I say?  I'm a popular little guy right now. I really love riding in the car, eating all the time, having my hair and feet rubbed, biting my bottom lip, and making Penny jealous.  I DON'T like when mom and dad dress me...MAN do they need practice.  They really should have invested in some baby classes and dressed a couple of baby dolls before attempting to dress me...eeessshhh.  But HEY, overall...this is an interesting place so far...

Mom cries a lot.  She sees a deflated baby boy balloon...she cries.  My umbilical cord fell off yesterday...she cried.  She looks at me...she cries.  She kisses me...she cries.  She talks to me...she cries.  I smile at her, she cries.  Dad just laughs at her.  She is pretty funny right now.  I know she just loves me and that is how she expresses it right I'll give her time to get it together-or this could be embarrassing!

I went to have my pictures taken last week with a pretty popular newborn photographer in our stay tuned for my pictures from that shoot and for my monthly updates!  I look pretty cute if I do say so myself!  (The photographer even said I had lips like Elvis if that tells you anything)  I'm sure Mom will be talking about me here a lot too, besides those regular updates-so you CAN'T miss that;)

Well, I have got to get back to sleep!  It's day time!