Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April at the Adams & One Month Favorites

April at the Adams...Cam's first month of life!  This has definitely been a month I will never forget.  Late nights, early mornings, emotional rollercoasters, returning back to school, getting a new car, leaving the masters project behind, getting A JOB INTERVIEW (yes that's right!) conditioning Penny to her new brother...  Oh, and that new little responsibility called being a mommy?  YEAH...THAT!  I'm sure I can think of more as soon as I hit the post button...but as you can tell - this month has been pure craziness.  In some ways it feels like it lasted an eternity, and in others it feels like it happened all too quickly.


In honor of Cam's first month of life, we are going to share our favorite things so far...
DISCLAIMER:  I'm not going to recommend anything that we don't absolutely love!

One Month Favorites 

Boppy: This is ESSENTIAL.  My sweet friend Samantha brought hers to me and I wondered just WHY I didn't already have one.  ABSOLUTELY a MUST for breastfeeding and also great for tummy time, naps, laying in laps, etc.  LOVE
Snoogle:  Ok I've already bragged on this pillow in the past...BUT I have to again.  I still use it (and probably always will) because the Camster will rarely sleep anywhere other than on me.  So to do this safely I sit up in bed and wrap it around us so we aren't going anywhere.  Yeah...not much sleep for me but at least he is happy and that's what matters!
Bouncer/swing set: I use this bouncer ALL THE TIME.  The bouncer can be removed from the swing, and when he's not swinging I take the bouncer where ever I am.  It vibrates which is kind of an amazing thing for a crying baby- we just tend to go thru a D battery a day.  Sure I want to hold him all the time, but then I think of how SPOILED he would be if he isn't sat down here is where the bouncer comes in handy;)
Gap Favorite Bundler:  My sis in law (aka Auntie) got Cam these before he was born.  The poor thing lives in them BUT he is comfortable, it is easy to change diapers, AND it covers his little hands which keeps him from scratching himself (something he is notorious for so far:/)!  Not to mention...they are adorable!  He looks like a cozy little worm with paws.  I know that's kind of a bizarre description...but it's true!
Stroller: this stroller is the  It is so cute and easy to stroll-AND it has an Ipod dock!  I absolutely AM IN LOVE with it!  It has made walks (and hopefully jogging in the future) easy peezy and something to look forward to!
Marc Jacobs Eliza Diaper Bag:  Absolutely love my diaper bag.  I love all the pockets.  The fact that it will pretty much hold ANYTHING.  The comfort.  Easy clean.  Chic look.  I just LOVE it.  No regrets!
Pacifier Wipes: if your little one loves pacifiers like mine does these are a must!  He tends to spit them across the room (especially when mad) and if we don't have one of these handy...let's just say NOBODY is a happy camper.  Soooo these are somewhat of a lifesaver.
Cam's Favorite Passy's-MAM:  Cam's little friend Kynadee gave him her "favorite" passy's at his baby shower and let's just say she KNEW what she was talking about.  He LOVES these pacifiers.  He will not take anything else!  Big thanks to Kynadee;)
Graco Pack and Play:  The thing I love about this is that you can stick it in your room and not have to travel all the way to the nursery to change a diaper in the middle of the night.  The little sleeper on top vibrates and plays music/noises, it has a blue light...lots of cool features!
Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack & Accessories:  This is the cutest thing.  I've never been into drying racks by the sink, but with baby stuff and all the little parts and pieces...I figured we had better cave and buy one.  Not only does it do its job well, but its adorable while it does its job!  The tree branch accessories are a must as well.  Great for pacifiers, nipples, and pump parts. 

Do you have any one month favorites I haven't mentioned?  

Dusti Cox said...

You aren't kidding about the Boppy. I think of everything I ever bought for the girls as babies, that was the single best investment. Second to that would be a bouncer. Cooking dinner? Baby sits and watches? Taking a shower? Have bouncer, will travel to bathroom. Awesome. And I still have my pack n' play, despite the fact that both girls are too big. I figure one day my sister will have babies and will need it when she comes to visit, lol. And I don't know if you've traveled with it yet, but it's fantastic for nights in a hotel. Hotels have pack n' plays you can request, but...that's scary. Also, I don't know if you have a monitor, but Sony makes good ones that are inexpensive. But the best of all is Philips. You can actually speak to your baby remotely, which was surprisingly useful. I originally thought just any old monitor would do, do I bought cheap, but they barely worked and I went through the of them. A $400 system isn't necessary, but the Philips (which I list on vacation) was $110 (4 years ago) and I replaced it with the $70 Sony, which didn't have the doodads, but works very well and which I still have.

cassidy adams said...

Wow Dusti! I like your advice...I will have to remember that when traveling! I included the monitor Cade found for us on groupon on today's 2 month far so good! I hope it lasts:) Thanks for posting!