Monday, April 22, 2013

In a Month's Time...

This is it!  The first of hopefully many Cam milestones.  Are you ready to watch him grow?  He is officially a month old today...Happy One Month BABY!  I CAN'T believe it.

  He is definitely the most beautiful gift God has ever given me aside from salvation.  Cade is way up there too:)  

NOW I can REALLY start to enjoy him.  The Masters Project is behind me!  After this experience, God really has shown me what little faith I have.  All the worry...all the stress...oh and SHEER TERROR...all to find three people (aside from the judges) show up to my presentation (as opposed to the 40 some of my classmates had).  Talk about one happy girl!  How could I have ever doubted him?  

Cam was my audience as I practiced for the speech.  Does the hand over the head mean I bored him??

Thanks to my sister-in-law Caitlan, who watched my little man during my presentation, all of my classmates and professors got to meet Cam after watching the whole time he was cooking away in my tummy.  It was a pretty cool experience:)  And...he may have been definitely was the reason Mommy got an A on oh...only the biggest AND LAST (woot!) presentation of my life.  Can we say best good luck charm EVER? ;)  
SLP status here I come!

Photo: I am so proud of my Mommy!!! She made an A on her Master's speech!!!
Cam waiting on me during the presentation:)

All of that being said, I am SO excited to get to devote more time to this blog.  The era of 21 years of school for this girl is finally coming to an end...summer is just around the corner, and even though work is inevitable- there will be more free time without having to devote home time to homework and studying!  
So excited about the new chapter of life ahead...
I hope you follow along:)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sweetie,
Congratulations, didn't know you
had him so early....what was the exact date??
So happy for you that school is all over now.........that is awesome, and know you must be overjoyed to say the least. He is beautiful just like his mama.......Love him in that lil striped outfit, so cute.
Enjoyed all those adorable pics,
and so glad you are having so much fun with him. We are sure enjoying our lil bundle of joy over here too. Such a blessing!

Take good care of yourself and lil
cam and hubby.

Love and blessings sweetheart,
I left some other comments as I read back over the other posts, since it has been

Love and Blessings, Nellie