Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

My life will never be the same.  And I wouldn't change it for the world.  On this Easter Sunday, I look back at life and reflect on all of the major events that stand out to me.  My childhood and how perfect my mom tried to make every little thing in my life, the day I received Jesus Christ as my savior, graduating high school, beginning college & life "outside the bubble," building our home, marrying my best friend, getting accepted into graduate school, and now, our sweet little Cam.  God has been so good to me that I could just sit and cry for days.  I am so undeserving of all of the things he has given me in this life.  I have the most precious blessings that surround me everyday.  I am overwhelmed at what he has given me...I just hope I can make Him proud with what I do with those blessings.  

Here are some more pictures from this past week (I know I promised them like a week ago but life has been CRAZY here lately!)

A brief visit during labor from my mom and sis
...epidurals are great...don't judge.

Cam & Dad

Cam & Grandnana

Cam, "BB," and great grandma

Cam meeting Aunt Kaye & Lindsey (friend, cousin, & neighbor:)

Cam & His "Lolli" (my mom)

Jess & Cam

Cam & Linds
Cam & Aunt KK

Daddy on his very uncomfortable bed

Signing out of hospital

Look out world, I'm coming home!

Welcome HOME Cam!!

Ignore the ugly bush beneath...I've got a lot of landscaping to do this spring!

Joe Daddy, Uncle Brody, & Cam

Pop, Cam, "CC", & Penn (my dad & sis)
Loxley and Cam

Cade, Cam, & BB

Should I really have came home with these people??

Aunt Joyce 

Nana Dot

My good friends Samantha, Candy & Morgan:)
They gave me the golden advice that bought Cade, Cam, and I a full nights sleep!

I also wanted to share our Easter decor.  May be ALMOST too late, but I guess you can say we've been a little busy lately;)  

Chalkboard inspiration here: He is Risen

Cam's first Easter Basket...
Took this as an opportunity to give him his first Snoopy;)

From my family to yours...

Too funny not to share...

Happy Easter!
Callie Lynch said...

Awe, Cassidy he is so precious. Very happy for your sweet family! We had the same pregnancy pillow and it was by far my favorite item! Enjoy your time with sweet Cam :)

cassidy adams said...

Thanks Callie!:)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Cassidy,
he is just precious, so tiny and sweet. and you look wonderful too.
Hope you are feeling great by now.
Can't believe he is 1 month old already. Our grandaughter is 7wks. old today........seems like we have had her longer tho.

blessings, Nellie