Sunday, January 7, 2018

Thoughts On A Brand New Year

What does a new year mean to you?
Is it just another day or does it represent a fresh new start?

I can't help but always feel as if it's a new chapter to write about my life...
always have!
I recently seen this quote: "Tomorrow is the first blank page in a 365 page book."
How will this year change my story?  What new adventures will I go on?  What will be the climax?  What will be the hook?  

It's a bittersweet mixture of emotions, despite unknown fears that come with a new year, I choose to go into it optimistic with Jesus by my side.

During Christmas break, I find it a miracle that I've been able to indulge a little every morning in basically thing the only thing on t.v. I watch...(besides fuller house + Christmas movies) Kelly & Ryan.  And last week, as they were discussing all the new years resolutions hype...aside from the typical "new years resolutions never last"...
they said one thing that really stuck out to me: 
"It's very difficult to break old habits, but entirely possible to start new ones."

I thought on that a while.

Every year, whether I say I am going to or not, it's just in me to make a resolution.  Whether it's something huge or something small, I make goals.  Because that's what I do.
I'm a planner.

And do I follow through?  Typically, no. 
But I have that consciousness of in what ways I want to better myself after the blessing of another year of life.

This year I don't want to change.  I just want to grow.
Strive after new, positive habits that promote growth in every aspect of my life.
As always, I want to be more about Jesus in every shape, form, & fashion.
Our message at church this morning was on death to self, & giving our entire life to Christ.  It's so hard to do that in this world.  Even as a Christian.
Putting him before it all.

Everywhere you turn, (well I can only speak for myself I suppose,) but I feel Satan whispers all that this life has to offer to throw me off track.  To forget why I'm here.
We all have our fleshly battles & none are more "acceptable" or easily condoned than others.  My brothers battle with drugs is no different than another persons battle with food or shopping addiction.  Sure, his may end up leaving more scars, but it's all sin in God's eyes.  Oh, to see ourselves & each other as he see's us, right?  And we are all in this fight together.  It's a battlefield out there & this year, I again, just want to grow in spiritual maturity & pray that it shines for others to see Jesus in me.  I pray that I will have a burden for others, too - especially my brother.  

May we each strive to be the people God created us to be in 2018, & find the happiness & contentment in life that only He can give.
Much love to you, sweet friends & Happy 2018💕