Monday, January 1, 2018

NYE 2017 || Photo Every Hour

7 am
10 am
11 am
Try to interview a 2 & 4 year old.  It's fun, g r e a t fun!

In case you have no idea what I'm referring to...check out facebook.  I posted them there in case something ever happens to my phone (b/c something usually does).

12 pm Lunch
1 pm
BOLT & naptime
2 pm
Nap didn't last long!  Up & at em. 
P.S.  I swear they wear pants.  And shirts.  They just strip every opportunity they get & we give up at times.
3 pm
See?  He's wearing pj's!  For now...
4 pm
There's just so many ways to entertain indoors with 20 degree weather, right?
5 pm
Take out for last dinner of 2017!
6 pm
7 pm

8 pm
9 pm
I just watch for Ryan.  And the ball drop!
I imagine it was much classier of an act back in Dick Clark's days...
10 pm
Fake countdown.  Attempt to tuck in.  They refused bedtime...
to much excitement.  Back downstairs.  They'll fall asleep any time now, right?😰

11 pm
Still here.  Still whiney😑
12 pm Back to the bedroom for the countdown😬
Happy New Year, everybody! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating. 
On to the newest chapter❤️