Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last Minute Gift Ideas

It's December 22.  Are you finished with your Christmas shopping yet?  Every year I say that I am going to get done early, & I always find myself procrastinating.  Basically because the day creeps up on me...the other being I am so indecisive on making a final decision on the perfect gift.

Aside from being a last minute kinda girl, here are two o t h e r reasons as to why I have backed off the gift guide wagon.  The main one being I AM a dummy when it comes to gift buying!  As much as I love Christmas, you'd think I'd have a knack for buying the perfect gift.  Oh, how I only wish that were true!  The other being, our family reads the blog & I am all about surprises- no spoilers!  So, if you are a family member... TURN AWAY RIGHT NOW!:)

Some people may have a late Christmas & still have time to place orders or shop... OR if you're like me, it's nice seeing others ideas & using them for next Christmas or future gifts throughout the year (like birthdays!  I 'm terrible at that, too!)  

So here it is...Santa's list that I managed to gather with blood+sweat+ (coffee) and a few tears.  Just kidding.  Okay, maybe not entirely.


With PB Kids, I believe today is the last day to shop to get your items by Christmas (but you may be paying an arm & a leg for shipping...)  
As for the other places linked, I'm not sure if they would arrive by Christmas.  The canoe & shark, are items Cam decided Conley wanted from Santa.  Disco ball-well, we like dance parties & what is a dance party without the proper effects?;)  Superheros...duh.  And the basketball goal is from mommy & daddy.  Something cool for their new room!  Not shown is Cam's only consistent request besides "Andy's toys" (Toy Story)..."a glow in the dark remote controlled helicopter."  Just what every three year old needs, right??

Stocking Stuffers
Walmart has super great stocking stuffers right now!  They had a whole aisle full of ideas-great for those like me who don't have a clue what to do...I grabbed some matchbox cars, PJ Mask figurines, bath colors, & Christmas ornaments earlier this week before I started feeling crummy.  I love to get the Candy for stockings at Home Goods.  It just seems like it would be the candy made at the North Pole.  Less generic looking, ya know?  Conley is getting baby snacks-no candy for him just yet!  Cam has requested "Andy's Toys" & I can't do a gift guide without mentioning Jane.  I basically browsed through every day in November for stocking stuffers & found these cool laser fingers.  All that & a few little ornaments I picked up for their future tree in their room (when we get it put together).  
Hubby/Brother in Laws
For MY Mr., it's all about anything & everything sports related.  Typically, we don't get each other much b/c it's all about everybody else-but this year-we decided to do something a little special.  Since we just moved into the house, I focused on his man cave.  Over the summer, my sister called me after spotting a pair of authentic (used & worn during games) Panther pants at a store called Whatever Wilmington.  I pounced on the opportunity & later bought a frame to display them in.  While wrapping it, I completely dropped it & scuffed up the frame in true Cassidy fashion...but it's wrapped.  And I want to cry now.  Oh, & there's the yeti cup...I think it's like the gift of the season??  My Mr. commented he'd like to have one-so now he does!  And it's a custom Panther one:)

Grandparents/Moms & Dads
I always have the hardest time knowing what to get our moms/dads & grandparents.  Cade says it's "jerky" to give them pictures of our kids...but, I know they like our kids...  Is it narcissistic to do that?  I'm in trouble if so!  I decided to go with a calendar that I labeled "Seasons of Brotherhood" with seasonal pictures of the boys.  
Shutterfly has amazing deals during the holidays!  Then, I either added a gift card or a gift soap set from Sassafras Springs Farms.  I think their soap is ah-mazing!

Sister/ Sister In Laws
I kind of go with things I like for my sisters.  I think we tend to have interest in similar things-so they aren't impossible to buy for.  That being said: I hope they like what I decided on this year!  A chatbook & Stitch Fix gift card.
I'm all about gift cards.  Some people don't like them but I love them!  I don't think you can ever go wrong because it allows those you love to get something THEY choose.  And chapbooks?  I've found a new obsession...Try it out!  

Kiddo Friends
Maybe it's just my kids, but every time we go by this store they are sucked right in.  I love this whole process & think every kid should have a chance to do this!  It's also such a good way to transition kids too (like Cam from his Paci).  We now sleep with our Build A Bear Chewy instead;)

Whenever I made my list, I realized I had 12 people to buy for here!  Yikes.  I knew I had to do something affordable but cute-so I went to Pinterest.  For my co-workers (since they all had to be of equal value-I made the reindeer nose jars.  For Cam's teachers, since they go above & beyond everyday ( I added a little Jane love).  You knew it would be in here somewhere, right:)

Other fun ideas for kids!
Kids are the most fun & easy to buy for.  But let's face it, most kids these days have everything.  We are a blessed people.  A few people ask me for some ideas for my own kids (in this specific price range-I know some are expensive! :/) & these are things I came up with...  

As you can see, most of the things I listed I ordered from the wonderful world wide web.  Our mailman hates me.  He even told me I should "get out & experience life more."  Mr. Mailman...I do experience life.  When it comes to shopping, I just happen to have two little ones who would rather saw a leg off than go shopping.  Not to mention.  "Santa" can't just stuff his bag full in front of little eyes!

Ph-yew!  And that's "a wrap."  No pun intended.  What are YOUR gift ideas?  I'm all ears!
May we remember why we buy gifts with each one that we purchase.  They are symbolic of the gift God gave us!  JESUS:)  
3 sleeps!

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