Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas in the New Home

We closed on our house the very last day of November.  As long as we've been looking at houses (March 2016) I've imagine how each & every one would look during my favorite time of year.  Who'd have imagined we'd be closing just in time to get to work!  After we signed & that magic happened (it felt like magic after what we've been through house hunting!  hehe) all I could think about was getting back to it so that I could drag out a l l of my Christmas decorations before I lost another minute of precious time;)  I've already lost a month of admiration ya know!  The Adams family tree usually goes up November 1st...
A tree & decorations that had been in hibernation for going on t w o years!  I'm pretty sure they were getting a little lonely & in need of getting back to doing their designated Christmas duty - being beautiful, Clark.  Not to mention, the little odds & ends I have picked up throughout the year.  New ornaments from our travels, pillows, festive knick knacks.  Christmas is my favorite holiday to buy for...
  Is there any other time of year that feels quite like Christmas at home?
In my best Kevin McCallister kind of voice...
I don't think so.  
I love my tree.  I splurged on QVC a couple of July's ago & snagged it up.  The remote controlled lights had me at h e l l o.  It's the biggest I've ever had & I can't believe it fit in this house!  When I'm home, it is always lit up.  I still feel like it's missing something, so I'm still studying on it this year.  Kinda like a trial run I guess;)

While the house itself will be a work in progress for a l o n g time coming, we've done the best we could the last three weeks to make it feel like a home & cozy enough to spend our first December together as a family.  Yep.  This is a first for us (b/c we've only been a family of four for a year now)!  My Mr. has only been home for shy of two weeks the past t w o years.  It has been SO nice to have him home for a whole month!  I feel like a r e a l - l i f e family now, y'all:)  Cooking meals & picking up his dirty laundry pile & all!  I missed it.
Caddy || Garland (old, Land Of Nod)
This magnet board may be one of my favorite pieces of our home.  I imagined this long before I came across it on etsy & I'm pretty sure it was the first thing I had the Mr. hang.  I wanted a place to display the boy's crafts (& of course Christmas cards crossed my mind, too!)  I imagine this will be our holiday hub.  This little area is a mud room just outside the garage beside the kitchen.
Falala Pillow || HomeGoods, Santa & Reindeer || Crate & Barrel (seen recently @ Home Goods!
Recipe Book || Home Goods, Tree || Dollar Store
The boys room is far away from being finished.  I'm itching all over to get it together, but in reality...they sleep with us.  It definitely isn't one of the essential parts of the home to finish right now...SO.  That leaves the living room as the hub for seasonal toys & books!
<<says the parents that claimed their kids would n e v e r have toys laying around everywhere>>
And I am stuffing that recipe box full daily!  I am in such a Becky Home-ecky mood...
It's true that change can be hard.  I'm a very sentimental person.  I don't really like big changes in my life, but I think I've been conditioned to deal better with it after the year we've had!  It's been a pretty wild ride...  

 I am so excited that we've become settled again & have never been MORE ready to get back to building memories, though they may be new & different, in our new sweet home.  The best thing about this home is that it gives us a greater opportunity to be together.  And that's what a home is supposed to do-bring a family together.
The boxes in the garage can wait.  (Though I'd probably be out there til' two in the morning if I wan't on what feels like the verge of pneumonia...)
Our home is celebrating it's first Christmas<3
We are busy making memories to cherish!
I hope this tour left you feeling cozy + full of Christmas cheer<3
4 sleeps!

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