Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy CHRISTmas Week!

Lately, I go to bed e v e r y single night thinking...If I can just get them to bed I can-
I will just go ahead & fall asleep with them, then set my alarm for 4 a.m. & get a few things done.
Snooze button.
Yep.  My body is exhausted at the end of the day, you guys.  Join the crowd, right?:)  Blogging has been on the back burner lately, but I guess you could say I have tried to remember this December more by taking lots of pictures & resting my mind.  Whereas I usually worry about not doing everything that needs to be done, I am kinda starting to learn that your body needs rest first.  All except, my body just can't seem to catch up!  :P

Hmmmmm.  What have we been busy with that is making our bodies so tired?
Where to start??
We baked cookies.  Took Christmas pictures everyday.  Attempted to see Santa twice.  Went Christmas light looking twice.  Watched Home Alone & ate pizza 45,434 times.  Moved to a different home & state.  Decorated for Christmas.  Sent Christmas cards.  Juggled work & play with daddy being home.  Drove the Mr. crazy listening to Christmas music 24 hours a day.  Unpacked boxes (don't get me started...).  Learning our way around new grocery stores & neighborhoods.  Tried out a new church.  Am currently searching frantically for last minute Christmas gifts.  Remember, when I go to sleep I m u s t move the elf before Cam wakes!  Conley is on a boycott of sleep.  
May I take a second to breath now?

And in all of that...I can't help but ask myself:
Have I left time for Jesus?  Have I took time to read my Bible & bow down & pray.  Sure I may read a verse here & there or whisper prayers throughout the day when I see a need but...if I am really honest with myself, I am sad to say, no.   

No, not really.  Not the time He d e s e r v e s.  Not the time I n e e d with Him.  My savior deserves so much more of me & my attention.  It is my goal, this week of Christmas, when we celebrate the GOSPEL.  The birth of Christ.  To dwell on G o d 's precious gift to US.  That's right-he gave us   the g r e a t e s t gift the world will ever know.  His very Son.  His only Son, who decorated the very first "Christmas tree" at Calvary.  The light on that cross is the most beautiful light we could ever behold.  The light decorated that cross for you & for me.  

So when we hop in the cars to go enjoy all the beauty of the season or are nestled up warm by the fire watching a movie in our living room...may we take the time to remember just what our Christmas tree stands for.  Jesus.  
Christmas 2016 Photo Dump

May you all have a wonderful week of CHRISTmas!
*to be honest;)