Thursday, December 8, 2016

December is here!

What a December it has a l r e a d y been!  I don't really even know where to start I haven't blogged in so long.  
hmmmm, let me see.

The hubby is home, we closed on our house, and have been knee deep in moving boxes & sickness!  Since closing on our home last week, our belongings.  The things that have been scattered over three states the last two years, have all been gathered in one place!  I guess you could say it feels something like an early Christmas morning-as we have been discovering things we never remembered we had:)
Oh, happy day!  Daddy's home:)
Closing Day!  Cam took my spot ;) 

Did I mention the boxes?  Ohhhhh, the boxes.

Waiting on the moving truck!

Late night for the Adams Abode!
I have to admit, I am in my own little heaven getting to organize & decorate.  I have this crazy adrenaline that keeps me up all hours of the night doing things.  I just want everything perfect, especially before Christmas.  

Isn't he a good hubby?:)
 Cam started throwing up & having diarrhea the day after we moved in.  Yep, the house was broke in well the first few days!  We started to get very worried about him, but he pulled through about four days later!  And now, both boys are coughing & have runny noses (both symptoms of the rampant flu that is going around).  I am praying they stay well!  After staying up all night doing things around the house, they woke me up this a.m. reminding me that t h e y hadn't stayed up late & were ready to go!  I have never been so sleepy in all my l i f e, you guys.  It's off to the doctor today for a well child check up & attempt to make all the preventative measures we can to avoid this flu!

Some time between being wife & mommy, unpacking, cleaning, decorating for Christmas,  elf on the shelf duty, church activities, working (in North Carolina), & logging my December with our Christmas photo challenge (Join in!  See below!  You're never too late;) -- I will get back to my old blogging habits...but for now, you will have to bear with me!  :D