Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cam's First Day of PRE-PreSchool

I didn't really realize that Cam's entering into the preschool world would be so soon.  It really does creep up on you, girls.  Cam is three.  The official "Preschool age" is four.  I contemplated letting him stay with my grandparents another year, but he is just ready.  I juggled the questions, statements, & thoughts of others around in my head for months.  They're in school they're whole life, let them be little & care free while they can be, or give them a head start, preschool is soooo good for them, allow them to socialize & be around other kids.  At the end of the day.  I can find truth to all of these.  But you know you're child best & know which belief applies to them & their little personality:)
*early mornings=TERRIBLE lighting for pictures:/

My Cam is a go getter.  
He loves playing.  He loves other kids.  He loves learning new things.

So.  We decided to go for it.
3 days a week on the days that I work.

A good way to break him in, right?  He LOVED it.  However, we had a little bit of a rocky start.  On the first day, his teacher was sick.  So we decided to wait until she would be there.  The next day WE were sick.  (The crud is going around these parts, y'all!)  
And finally...Wednesday came.  Everyone was pretty much back to normal.  

But it wasn't all a bed of roses.

 Conley didn't sleep ALL night.  Yep, those two front teeth are killers.  Little brother is ALL about his routine morning hops on top of Cam to roll him out of the bed.  Turns's that don't sleep ain't got time for that.  Drama KING.

So.  I had a sleep deprived Conley-rolling around losing his mind & Cam refusing to get up because "he was too snuffy."   He sniffed... "See Mom?  I'm too snuffy to go to school today we just need to stay here & rest." 

With much encouragement, I somehow got them both dressed & together for the day.  But FORGET pictures.  As you can see.  Cam was not about to do a normal smile standing still in front of our chalkboard.  Nooooooooo NO *in my best Clark G. impression.
Somehow, Cam was cool after that though.  He picked out his clothes, insisting on comfy shorts (he is completely ANTI jeans or pants that button).  We dropped Conley off with ease & he seemed super excited about his first day.  
He commented on everything from the Coke machine to the play ground (the most anticipated part of school).  I snap chatted it all for daddy...& then.  I got a thumbs up when it was time for me to leave.  Stab me in the heart.
The day seemed to last an eternity.  His teacher sent me pictures & commentary throughout the day.  Which I LOVED btw...

So this message leads me to my favorite part of the day.  As you can see from the text, he peed on himself during nap time because he refused to go to the bathroom before.  Cam had dumped everything in his backpack out some period between Monday when he was supposed to go to school & Wednesday when we actually made it to school.  Including his extra clothes in a grocery bag.  When I hurriedly had put everything back in, I didn't notice his extra shorts & undies were still in the floor of the car OUT of the bag I stuffed back in his Dragon.  Wouldn't this happen??  

The school had just donated almost all of their extra clothes from the previous year.  SO.  All they could find Cam to wear was a little TINY girls pair of hot shorts until I got there.  When I opened the gate, I spotted him from a mile away digging out a WEDGIE!  

Tears, y'all.  I still can't keep a straight face talking about it.  This kid has no shame.  He just loves life.  And that's what I love about him:)  
To the first day of PRE Preschool (& first LAST pair of hot pants)...

First day of PRE Preschool photo dump: