Friday, September 16, 2016

five on friday || scattered september

Happiest of Friday's to you all:)  
While it's still hot as Blaze & the Monster Machines (as Cam would have it) in the South, I feel a touch of fall here & there in the mornings & late evenings...enough to nudge myself into preparing the boys fall & winter wardrobe for the cooler weather coming!  Have any of you started thinking about starting to switch over clothes yet?  

I say something about time & fall in every post-& I'm sorry guys but R E A L L Y.  Is time not flying by?  I've missed a couple of friday favorite posts so my post is staggered this week in things I want to remember.

  P.S.  It's time for the Mr. to come again this Tuesday & we can't WAIT...but I guess that's a no brainer!  

one.  western nc tent revival.  
I haven't got to physically go to the tent much, but when I do, OR if I don't, I'm telling you-I just can't miss watching the live Facebook feed, my heart is b l e s s e d.  Don't miss it.  If you log on to Facebook, search for Ralph Sexton Ministries & it's a live feed at 7:30 pm Monday-Friday.  If you're not saved, you're sure to hear the gospel & God's convicting power is present ready to save!  If you are, you'll have tears of joy watching people GET saved & others grow closer to God-including yourself!  I think every Christian present online or under the tent have had some type of rededication or growth after everything that has went on.  America needs this so bad!  So thankful to the Lord for still giving us such undeserving mercy & grace.  Let's continue to pray that God will have his way with this revival!  He is able!
photo credit: josh lane via facebook

two.  happy mail days!
I don't know about YOU-but I am an online shopper through & through.  I LOVE to window shop all day long & make small purchases every now & then-but making purchases IN store just makes me a nervous wreck...I'm crazy, I know.  I like to study on my purchases & think about it.  Buyers remorse right here, y'all.  I said all that to share that I just got all the boys fall clothes in-yes, because I shopped online.  Shopping online means exciting mail days!  Oh, & the hubs & I are relieved to have that behind us-and so is our savings account!  :-0

three.  let the pumpkin patch fun begin!  
This year, just prepare to have pumpkins galore here.  I've decided one visit a year just ISN'T enough:)  After all, pumpkins rot within a week, right?  Even with all the pinteresty tricks to keep them fresh-I've tried em' all.  So, Cam & I agree- we just gotta keep going back for more;)
Funny story, though.  SQUIRREL.  Bear with me.  I talked up a hay ride to Cam last Friday-all to drive up to the pumpkin patch & have them look at me funny when I asked about taking one in the middle of the day.  
"Well...we don't really do it until the evening-we are pretty slow during the day..."
Cam's puppy eyes (okay, or maybe mine) apparently got to them because somehow, SOMEWAY
we talked them into taking just the three of us on about a twenty minute ride around the farm & to the patch.
Just the three of us.
And our new pumpkin, "Charlie Brown."
Oh, & then, something I've been waiting a year on...the first PSL of the season.:)  
I guess my chipped nail polish is a distraction.  Why do I even paint my nails??

four. celebrations
We celebrated Grandparents Day last Sunday by taking a trip to Dollywood.
Anybody else have a hard time recalling this holiday as a child?  Lol.
I think social media has made all kinds of new "days" up the past few years...
All the same, I am very thankful for my grandparents & my babies grandparents-
so why not celebrate?
And September, well.  Let's just call it the month of the birthday parties because we have one, if not two or t h r e e, about every week!

five. cam's 1st day of pre-preschool
this is a whole post in itself, but yes.  And I can't stress it enough.
PRE Preschool, y'all.  PRE.
That's what I'm calling his first year.
That is how this momma's heart is handling it.