Sunday, March 17, 2013

37 Weeks and 12 Days Away

This is Week #:  37 Weeks
Total Weight Gain:  25 lbs
What I am wearing:  I actually wore a t-shirt and jeans today!  It’s starting to warm upJ
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Jersey soft scarves from the Gap, very soft, comfy, and covers well! lol
Body woes:  My pelvic area is killing me, I can barely walk at times.  Especially bad at night! 
Best part of week:  Cam’s chair is here!  One more piece and I can share the nursery!  Can’t wait…it should be here this week.  Last Dr.’s appointment tomorrow!  Oh and I finished my 400 hours of clinical practicum Thursday…that felt goodJ
Feel anything in there?  I don’t even have to do kick counts…he lets me know easily he is still in there
Gives me the Creeps:  coffee…:,(
I miss:  Sleeping on my belly, Diet Pepsi’s, coffee, hair color, walking with out feeling like I have to pee!, lets just go ahead and add pelvic pain (I know maybe TMI but it’s true!) to the list
Zzzzz Pattern: Get up about 5 times a night…lets make it 10.
Gender:  Little ManJ
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Blends in with the rest of my skin lol
I’m Craving:  Craved a Cadbury egg this week but that comes with every year…it’s that time
Working Out Regimen:  I am thinking around 3 times this week.  The Mr. got on a kick and took me to our high school track to “walk the baby out.”  His plan didn’t work…
I can’t wait for:  Baby A’s arrival, End of Master’s Project, Completion of nursery.  12 days people!  CRAZYNESS.

Looking Back at our week...
Thanks Joe and Caitlan!

Sweet Birthday Cards

Does anyone else's dog sleep like this?

I didn't think so!