Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mustaches, Bow Ties, and Top Hats Oh MY!

Welcome to Little Man Cam's Mustache Bash!  Mustaches, bow ties, top hats, Snoopy, and blue filled our community fire hall February 9th as we celebrated the upcoming arrival of our little man.  The theme was all about "gentlemen" and I must say...IT WAS ADORABLE!  Baby Cam got everything he will need when he FINALLY arrives next month:)  The reality of his quick and upcoming arrival just became that much more real to us...I can't wait!  The only problem is...the LAST thing I want to do is school work...I want to organize and decorate!  Haha:)  PURE torture!

Two prints from Cam's nursery:)

Goodies from our childhood:)

The guys made their way outside for a game of corn hole.

We had an AMAZING baby shower thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends    

                               who worked so hard to make it possible.  
Baby Cam is VERY blessed to be coming soon to this crowd of loving people.
                             I just can't wait for him to meet everybody!
                       Well, let's go study for the PRAXIS!  It's Monday...Eeeekkkk

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Hon,
Was so great to hear from you, and hope my post didn't cause you any
anxiety. Never thought about that
until I saw you came by. Most deliveries are not like the one Megan had, thank the lord, and will be praying for your up and coming delivery as well. So know you are due the beginning of April sometime,
what is the exact date?? Is in the 6th?? not sure!

Looks like you had a wonderful baby shower, so nice they did it for both of you, don't know why they leave the dads out, like he had nothing to do with it!! lol
Sounds like you are all ready to go now. Bet it is so hard juggling school and having to give up the fun of what you really want to be doing, but thankfully, it will all be over soon. You are gonna be a great Mommy...........
You take care of yourself and look forward to seeing pics of your lil
bundle of joy soon too.
Like the name yall picked, Cameden
Tripp Adams, has a nice ring to it.

Blessings galore to you and hubby,

and thanks so much for all your sweet sentiments for me and my family hon, that adds to the joy.
We got to see her last night, amazing how much she has changed
in just 21/2 days, that redness over her eye is hardly noticeable now, probably just from the birthing process. We held her and she slept quietly and every so often she would crack and eye open and stretch and go right back to sleep again. so funny! she has
already run away with our hearts.