Friday, July 13, 2018

friday favorites || Sales, Sharks, & Sleighbells

If there is one thing that is true of my summers, it is this.
Mia Thermopolis hair.
I did have ONE good hair day (for me anyway) come from weeks of product experimentation. 
It did motivate me to put "real" clothes on & try to look cute for ONCE this summer SO...
I had to snap a pic complete with a background of laundry to be folded & a snicker from Cam.
I know we have a lot to talk about right now, because all the rage is Hallmark Christmas, Shark week & the Nordstrom sale.  How bout that Build a Bear sale, too?  Yikes.
I know you "pay your age" but we are not taking advantage of it.
It looks like Black Friday madness x 20.
I will admire the Nordstrom sale from afar, but those of you stalking the sale-have fun!
One. And the Relatives Came
We SO enjoyed our time with Florida family.  These boys had a blast together!
We hung out + played at our house, swam at the pool, looked for Waldo, played in the splash pad downtown, + then conquered Dollywood together. 
Busy, busy, busy, but OH so much fun:)

Two.  iLuminate
My boys have watched this group on YouTube forever from their days on Americas Got Talent- "the dancing robots" have stolen their hearts.  Especially after seeing them at Dollywood earlier in the week!  Cam would NOT sit down-bounced the entire time & after every dance Con would say, "More robots?  MORE robots coming???"
Even cooler than that, they got to have their picture made with them after the show!
AND they featured Cam on their Instagram story!
Three.  NEWSFLASH:  Fall is NEARING!
Ran into Hobby Lobby while we were on the "wait list" to get into the indoor playground (e v e r y b o d y is trying to escape the heat!) and found a Fall w o n d e r l a n d.  It made my heart happy & my mind couldn't help but start serenading me with an endless loop of the Great Pumpkin Waltz.  Naturally, that lead to frying up some apples for supper!
Oh, what a heavenly fall-ishous smell.
Four.  Recipe To Do's : William Sonoma Corn Fritter
Completely turning into a foodie over here-thus all the talk about food.  I really should just do a post with the new recipes I try-we are rarely having the same things twice since I have time to cook & experiment :P. I used to be so overwhelmed with meal planning & what to cook for picky eaters!
I'm quickly learning that no one in my family will stifle a veggie down their throat except me - the only one they will even remotely consider is corn.  William Sonoma's Instagram feed totally caught my attention with these corn fritters (I know, not exactly the healthiest thing- but a tiny bit veggie all the same)!  Sounds like a good summer side to try, huh?
*While also on WIlliam Sonoma I found these boy moms...
Star Wars Popsicle Mold
*limited time only!

Star Wars Aprons
*20% off right now!

Five.  Nordstrom Sale Favorites
And even though I'm admiring from afar, I can still pretend to shop & share my favorites, right??
Almost all my picks are under $100.
And sidenote* TEAL is DEFINALTEY my color for fall... gravitated toward everything in that color if you can't tell.
Fall Favorites
 Church Wear
Cozy Mom-iform
Wear to Work
 *Disclaimer: If you follow the link here & make a purchase, I will get a small percentage of your purchase  for putting this link together:)  Thank you for helping support this blog & allowing me to do something I love.
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Have a happy weekend, sweet friends!

Jaclyn Musselman said...

Wow I am not surprised that Hobby Lobby has Fall stuff but still wow!! I need summer to slow down over here. Great Anniversary picks! I feel like there isn't as much good stuff as last year.

Anonymous said...

I am now on 'autumn watch' on your blog and loving it! All about the tartans and I love the mustard colours you featured x

Amanda Bullard said...

Though I cannot join in your fall happiness I can say this - those kiddos are adorable! Happy shopping to you! xo

Cat W said...

Oh the hair meme has me laughing. That't totally me! We went to Disney World two Christmases ago and I remember how shocked/stupid I felt when I realized that oh yeah it's still humid down there are my lovely winter hair goodness was short lived as I didn't bring any products with me. Live and learn. Have a great weekend!

Cassidy Adams said...

Ok, I take it there are mixed reviews about the early arrival of fall... haha! As much as I love it, I can't say I'm ready for my slow summer days to come to an end or to send my big boy to KINDERGARTEN ...
Thanks for stopping by today girls!

Brittany B said...

The hair meme is too funny. I've been on the frizzy hair struggle bus all summer. The corn fritters look delicious! I might have to look into fritter recipes this weekend.

Gen Roraldo said...

Oh my daughter will love those corn fritters.

With love from p said...

The hair meme 😂😂 it looks like they had such a fabulous time. I would love to take my boys.

Alexis Hoselton said...

Your hair comparison is funny!