Wednesday, July 11, 2018

10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

The month where most men are wishing away the last month without football & the women are
all kinds of excited over Hallmarks Christmas in July, where it's a right of passage (at least I think so!) to indulge in two weeks of Christmas movie marathons!
Mini History lesson...
Did you guys know that Christmas in July actually started 85 years ago on July 24th and 25th in 1933 at girls camp called Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina.
(About two hours from my hometown!)
Wondering WHY in the world my mom didn't hook a daughter up.
It's around this time of year that my Christmas loving heart starts getting so excited about all is to come.  FALL.  Sweaters.  Booties.  Scarves. Crisp air. Soup.  Trick or Treating +
Pumpkin everything.
I'm going to start getting on your nerves.
All that excitement leads you straight into the Christmas season.

To kick off my mid year countdown... I'll share a few ways Id love to celebrate Christmas in July this year!

1.  Polar Bear Frozen Hot Chocolates
This recipe from Southern Living is the perfect couchside treat for an after dinner movie with family or friends!  P.S. if you don't follow Southern LIving on Instagram you are missing some seriously on point hilarious memes.

2.  Christmas mantle.
Because I'm a garland fanatic & you have to be festive while you watch those cozy Christmas flicks ;). 
Find the pineapple garland here!

3. Start a Christmas savings
Something I say I'm gonna do every year & never do.  May this be the magic year & this savings plan happen!

4.  Pick out or Make a Christmas Ornament
If you have kids, this might be a fun outing or craft to do at home!  Go to the craftstore or Hallmark , pick out a new ornament or the supplies to make a new one & I'm almost positive it will be sure to ignite all the Christmas excitement a little early:)

5.  Decorate Summer Gingerbread cookies
And make a sundae or a s'more with them?  Meshing a home + family idea with pinspiration:)

6.  Snowball water balloon fight
My boys are all about a reason to throw water at me!  
Thank you pinterest.

7.  Diffuse or burn Christmas scents!
I bought airglade apple cinnamon air fresheners with our groceries last week (against my husbands will-HA!) & have been diffusing Christmas spirit. 
I love how my house smells right now!

8.  Christmas Music Dance Party
The boys love to turn the lights off & dance.  I have a feeling these days are numbered the older they get - so I dare so no to a jam session these days!  Not only can it beat summer boredom but talk about exercise in disguise!

9.  Plan ahead.
I know for me personally, if I don't plan, I plan to fail.  Especially when that period between October-December is so busy!  What better time to start planning your Elf on the Shelf, Christmas lists, any tweaks in decorations & so on than right now!?

10.  All the Hallmark movies + Christmas Home & Family episodes
Home & Family during Christmas in July on Hallmark is under rated imo!
The past couple of days during nap time... I've learned how to make a fruit cake + gingerbread sundae, build a photo booth Christmas tree + Rudolph & countdown clock DIY lawn décor, not to mention how to build a mini manger scene :) 
I'm so excited already:)
Do you have a favorite thing to do for Christmas in July?
*pictures that are night mine have been linked to original source:)
Europafox said...

Ok let me just get this on the record - I am right there with you getting excited about Christmas. I haven't BOUGHT anything yet but I am getting excited about changing the décor of the house to autumn in September, then pre-Christmas on 1st November. Plus I downloaded some Xmas films yesterday but I should prob delete them again! You have made me want to get a Christmas planner. I just got my American pregnancy planner - you guys do planners WAAAY better than us. Now I know we can order off amazon US it is opening a whole new world. Your ideas are FAB by the way I can't want to see what you come up with as the weeks go on! We've had out first day of rain in MONTHS here so I am going autumn clothes shopping this week-end (especially as I don't fit in ANY trousers and can't go outside in the rain in linen, shorts or s summer dress - I am house bound haha). Apple Cinnamon house scent sound delicious! Joanne x

Cassidy Adams said...

I knew I like you Joanne! Haha:). I can talk Christmas and Fall with anybody! That sounds lovely! I imagine your Christmas much like that in Surry, England (I think?) featured in "THe Holiday" film! You must share lots of pictures as time goes on:)

Jules said...

OMG I’m in love with the summer gingerbread cookies!!! Thanks for giving me my weekend family project!